Snacks On A Stick Maker By Nostalgia Electrics

Snacks On A Stick Maker Review ~

When we received our Snacks on a Stick Maker by Nostalgia Electrics we were so excited! It came with a recipe book full of wonderful things to make and we couldn’t wait to get started. And get started right away is exactly what we did.

Since we had never used (or even heard) of anything like this before, we had no idea what to cook with it besides corn dogs! So, after looking through the recipe book we found plenty of ideas.

The ends can be easily torn off as they are crimped.
Notice the “Nostagia Electrics” branding!”

I think these turned out pretty well! Our first ever attempt using the Snacks on a Stick Maker!

The first thing we made was the delightful Crab Rangoon on a Stick. They were absolutely delicious. Another good thing about Snacks on a Stick is that most things cook in 5-8 short minutes. And they are far more healthy than making the deep fried alternatives.

All this zesty little Rangoon takes is…1 can of Refrigerated Crescent Dinner Rolls, 1 package cream cheese (softened), ¾ cup chopped cooked crabmeat, 1 Tbsp. chopped green onion, ¼ tsp. ground red pepper, 1 egg white, and bamboo sticks {provided}.

This recipe is super easy to follow and is provided in the recipe book that comes with that Snacks On a Stick Maker. Let me tell you, the Crab Rangoon was to die for! I loved them so much!

These Jalapeno Poppers were SO GOOD!

The next thing we made were some savory Jalapeno Poppers. These little poppers are just as delicious as the Rangoons… if not better!

These poppers are also easy to make and only take a few simple ingredients that include cream cheese, cumin, eggs, milk, flour, grated cheese, jalapeno peppers, cayenne, and bamboo sticks {provided}.

If you are worried that these poppers would be too hot for you….don’t! They don’t come out crazy hot because the cheese helps to cool them down. By the way, I would have to say that these pleasing poppers have been my favorite thing so far!

If none of these foods have caught your attention yet, don’t worry! They have many other delicious foods to choose from (and you don’t have to choose food from the cookbook, you can get creative and create your own personal favorites). They have things to cater towards every taste; even the all-so-famous sweet tooth. Next time I plan onmaking the Chocolate Chip Brownies on a Stick (YUM!)

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