Pillowtex ® Triple Core White Duck Down and Feather Pillow Review #sponsored

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Are you tired of waking up tired and restless? Are you waking up all through the night because you just can’t get comfortable? Well, I have the perfect solution for you… Pacific Pillows. Recently, I had the good fortune to review the Pillowtex ® Triple Core White Duck Down and Feather Pillow.

Meet The Pillowtex Triple Core White Duck Down Feather Pillow

This is what the pillow looks like after sleeping on it {and with the pillowcase removed}. So comfy!

The Pillowtex ® Triple Core White Duck Down and Feather Pillow is made with a unique triple core design. This design features plush outer layers and a firmer inner layer that provide maximum comfort and support! This pillow is made of 5% White Duck Down and 95% White Duck Feather and is considered a firm pillow. The outside of the pillow is comprised of two layers of 230 Thread Count 100% Cotton Fabric and the ends are double stitched. This ensures that all of the feathers stay inside the feather pillow.

This is a really comfortable pillow. If you like down pillows and pillows that are fluffy yet firm, then I believe you will love this feather pillow. When I awoke, I felt completely rested and rejuvenated. I was very satisfied with my pillow, and anytime someone asks for any recommendations, I immediately tell them about Pillowtex pillows.

If you are currently satisfied with you pillows that you own… don’t worry. Pacific Pillows offers a variety of comforting materials. Some of the other things they offer are slippers, robes, comforters, designer sheets, featherbeds, bed protectors, mattress toppers, kids bedding, and much more! This website is great! It’s easy to use and easy to find exactly what you are looking for! Another great feature about working with Pacific Pillows is that it’s only $5 on all UPS ground shipping in the continental USA.

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  1. sara m ford says:

    I want it even more after reading this!! I am a pillow lover and have to have a feather pillow I really need a good pillows I have had my pillow for over 7 years because I can not find a good feather pillow but I think I would love this pillow

  2. Anita Leibert says:

    Thanks for your review! This sounds like the pillow for me 🙂

  3. That sounds comfy – I wish I was cuddled with a pillow right now….:)

  4. Tracy Awalt Juliano says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of down feathers in the past, but I think I could make an exception for one of these.

  5. Thank you for the great review! I’ve never slept on a down pillow before, but they must be SO comfortable! The pillows I have now, I have to shove 2 into 1 pillowcase just to get some support. No wonder I wake up with neck and back pain. These sound so wonderful, I would love to try one!

  6. Oh that pillow looks so comfy! I will definitely have to check out Pacific Pillows! Thanks for the great review 🙂

  7. This looks so comfortable! Just the kind of pillow I need.

  8. Thanks for all the great info. I can almost feel my head on the pillow. I sleep with dogs, who tend to wake me in the night, so I could use great sleep when I can get it!

  9. rebeka deleon says:

    my pillows are so old and worn down that these sound great. i really need to get some new ones!

  10. i like the thread count it has….been looking for new pillows….hopefully this will do the trick!

  11. Carmen Lebron says:

    I would love the whole sheet and comforter sets, I love the softness it has

  12. Patti Ellerby says:

    This pillow sounds just what I like, I love soft squissy pillows.

  13. Jenny Stanek says:

    Actually waking up rested and rejuvenated sounds absolutely wonderful. You’d never think being rested can be affected by your pillow, but it obviously makes a big difference

  14. Jessica Snow says:

    Thank you so much for the review. You gave me hope that I might actually get comfortable enough to get some good rest. =)

  15. Emily Ploch says:

    I’ve never tried down pillows. Maybe I will! Thanks!

  16. These pillows sound wonderful and look super comfy.

  17. I love a good pillow!! Do these have a smell to them? A friend of mine bought a duck pillow before elsewhere and it had a weird smell.

  18. i love feather pillows sounds really comfy

  19. Jayne @ Four Parks, One Day says:

    I am always looking for new pillows…doesn’t that sound weird? I feel like I run through them kind of fast because they have to be “just right.” I would be curious to see how this pillow compares to the ones I normally buy.

  20. Rachel Salinas says:

    That does look very comfy! I hope I get to try it!!!!

  21. Nicole Shurina says:

    The thread count is amazing! Especially to wake up feeling refreshed from a pillow!

  22. Connie Beach says:

    I need a new down and feather pillow. I can’t sleep on any other kind.

  23. kimbuckjr says:

    My current pillow absolutely FAILS at providing any type of comfort. I hate my pillow!!! What makes my situation WORSE is I have NO idea how to pick the right pillow for myself.
    I’m a headache sufferer so comfort and support are the major areas I look for when purchasing a pillow.
    After reading your review, it sounds to me that I need to check out Pacific Pillows! Thank you VERY much for your recommendation and great review. I find this review VERY resourceful and informative!

    • Good luck! I am very picky with my pillows, too. My husband could sleep on a rock and be fine, haha. I hope this pillow works for you!


  24. Very comfortable pillow, would love to have it.

  25. kelly goss says:

    these pillows like like little pieces of heaven! i would love to try them…but more for my hubby than me!

  26. Michelle Spayde says:

    I love the idea of down with firmness. I’m always fluffing my pillows throughout the night, and end up feeling exhausted the next AM.

  27. Their pillows sound SO comfy! Thanks for the review!

  28. Debbie Welchert says:

    I used to have a down pillow that I liked but it died of old age. It was used when I got it and it was never firm. I bet a firm down pillow is like sleeping on cloud nine.

  29. I have never used a down pillow but I like the idea of the combination of fluffy yet firm. I’d like to give this pillow a try.

  30. I have Fibromyalgia and I think that after years of terrible sleep it is time for me to et a quality pillow.

  31. i’m looking for a new pillow, thank you for the review, i’ll be looking at the Pasific Pillow websites now

  32. Wendi Scharrer says:

    I like down pillows. I am of small build, so being able to find the right pillow is tuff. Yes, I am tired of waking up tired and restless!!!

  33. barbara stenby says:

    I love down pillows that are firm you get the best night sleep

  34. I love down pillows and these look fantastic. At least one of the pillows I’m currently using I’ve had since childhood… I think that would make it about 30 years old! I added another feather pillow at some point and love both.