Luke Bryan Love To Get Your Day Started Right

Luke Bryan Love – Just a little present from Cheap Is The *New* Classy to help get your day started right!

Luke Bryan

Image Credit: CMT

Ladies, do you know who country music singer Luke Bryan is? If not, let me have the pleasure of introducing you to this fine specimen.

Luke Bryan Love

For anyone who might be lost on what is so hot about country music and country men *gasp*, here is your answer! Luke Bryan sings “Country Man” while his son boogies on stage – the adorableness of this just about kills me! Who doesn’t love a man who so obviously loves his kid? Not only is Mr. Bryan rockin’ with his son, but he can also hot wire your tractor and plow up your land, too, ladies. Seriously, what else could you possibly need?

If all of the above is not enough to convince you that country men rock, then here is some more Luke Bryan love for you, that is sure to help get your day started right. You are welcome! ;) I freakin’ love this song and can not get it out of my head!

Luke Bryan is awesome in concert, too. The music is great and the concert is rockin’. Oh, and he looks good on stage, too. ;) Yes, Luke Bryan makes my speakers go boom, boom. How about you?

Luke Bryan shake it for me

Do you like country music? If so, what other artists do you like besides Luke Bryan? I also really like Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Wayne, Ty Herndon, Aaron Tippin and too many more to count, really.

What Is Your Favorite Song By Luke Bryan

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  1. I’m a huge Luke Bryan fan. I have seen him in concert and we had a great time!! Glad you got to enjoy his show!! :)

  2. Country girl… Shake it for me girl, shake it for me girl, shake it for me…

    OMG!!! I LOVE Him!!!
    Sweet way to start the day!
    And now, I’ll be singing that all day! LOL

  3. He is definitely NOT bad on the eyes! :) And I love his songs!

  4. Ohhhhh thank you! I really needed that this morning :) Love Luke Bryan!! :)

  5. He’s so handsome. Love his music.

  6. Lol I like his music too!

  7. I’m not a country fan but this is a nice post to wake up to on a Monday morning!

  8. Emily Ploch says:

    nom nom nom so yummy! hehe

  9. Michelle says:

    He is pretty awesome! What a cute video with his son! Country boys are the hottest around!!

  10. Hmmm…never heard of him, but he is easy on the eyes!

  11. I have no idea who that is, but he’s cute!

  12. Paula Schuck says:

    Honestly, I have never ever heard of him. That is strange, right? Not a country music fan I guess. Thanks for the introduction!