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loving your pet giveaway hop
If you love your pet {I know I love mine!} this Giveaway hop is for you! Two Little Cavaliers is your go to place for International Dog News, Pet Product Reviews, Pet Centric Giveaways, Cooking for Dogs. Two Little Cavaliers is also the creator and co-host of the Saturday Pet Bloggers Blog Hop where pet bloggers and lovers can come together to meet and greet other pet lovers and socialize. Two Little Cavaliers has gotten together with some great bloggers to bring you an event that is completely Pet Centric. That means every prize is either for or about your pet!

Pet Bed w/Memory Foam

The Two Little Cavaliers Checking out the Bed
The absolute best thing you can do for your pet is to provide it with a comfortable night’s sleep. This memory foam bolster pet bed is a great place for your pet to rest after a long day in the yard running around or to refresh after a long walk! For cats, it’s the perfect place to call their own. This bed has a solid memory foam base to provide maximum support and durability, a therapeutic memory foam layer to relieve discomfort in joints, and a high-loft comfort layer to offer insulation and a nesting environment. A protective, waterproof liner prevents moisture from harming the foam – adding years to its usability! Your pet is sure to be happy and comfortable sleeping on this bed. It is available in 3 sizes of which the winner gets to choose – small 35 inches, medium 42″ and large dogs 48 inch. The bed in the picture above is the small size with 2 – 15 lbs dogs on it. Don’t they look cozy?

For my part of the giveaway, one lucky Cheap Is The *New* Classy reader will win a Pet Safety Plaque from Bo Regards. In case of emergency, this plaque is great to have on your front door or somewhere else visible so that you can alert safety workers to the fact that your little fur friends may need some help, too.  This plaque comes in either Burnished Brass, Burnished Copper or Burnished Nickel. You can read my review HERE! You can enter to win this nice plaque on the rafflecopter below. Only the first entry is mandatory and you can do as many or as few of the other entries as you like. Remember, the more entries you do, the more chances to win! And don’t forget to hop through the linky below the rafflecopter for even more chances to win some awesome swag for your pets! Good luck!

About Dawn McAlexander

Dawn is a full time travel and lifestyle blogger. Besides Cheap Is The New Classy, she also owns and writes for EatPlayRock.com, an entertainment site. Her interests include traveling, home decor, DIY projects, organizing her home and enjoying a nice cup of coffee {or two}. She currently resides in North Carolina with her dog, Daisy.


  1. I have a Jack Russell and Pomeranian.

  2. Amy Orvin says:

    I have 2 dogs, 5 cats and 2 sugar gliders.

  3. Love the bed by the way, Thank you for the giveaway

  4. jodi lasher says:

    I have 2 dogs and 3 cats… Thanks

  5. natasha brodsky says:

    2 cats (russian blue and a mixed breed) and a great pyrenees dog.

  6. Kasee Johnson says:

    My pets? 3 dogs, 2 cats + their girlfriend that belongs to the neighbor but lives and eats at my house, 2 pygmy goats, 2 Sulcata tortoises, 1 box turtle, 2 bearded dragons + 4 hatchlings + 18 eggs incubating, and 2 60-gallon aquariums FULL of fish that won’t quit having babies! Factor in my 4 kids and it’s never boring here!

  7. We have 2 labs and 2 cats.

  8. jen wexler says:

    i have a shorkie

  9. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I have a dog (a whippet mix) and 2 cats 🙂

  10. chris z says:

    i have a yorkie

  11. elven johnson says:

    I have a both a kitty,11 months & a puppy, 11 weeks.

  12. paige chandler says:

    I have 2 adorable Pugs

  13. We have 2 silly English springer spaniels and 2 tanks of discus and parrot fish

  14. Sarah Blake says:

    I have a cat 🙂

  15. paige chandler says:

    I read your review and a glad to know you love your pets as much as me. Love the pic of the sweet chihuahua

  16. Paul T/Pauline T says:

    2 dogs 1 cat and a guinea pig – Paul Tran ….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  17. Carol ONeil says:

    I have 2 Minature Schnauzers and I have 2 cats

  18. crystle tellerday says:

    a pug named max and a chiwawa named chico and 2 cockiteils named little one and twinny

  19. I have one dog and three cats.

  20. We have two dogs, Dallas and Duke.

  21. sandy weinstein says:

    i have 3 miniature schnauzers, 3 girls, evie, tressa and harley, 10, 3, 1 (almost 2)

  22. sandy weinstein says:

    i like the sign, b/c it stands out more than the stickers, i have several stickers on my front and back door as well as some of the windows…my problem is that the fire station will get lost or not get there in time. i called them b4 and they got lost, took over an hour ….good thing it turned out not to be an emergency…the fire station is less than 3 min. from my house.

    • That is sad… you would thing that they could find it by the 911 address. Sadly, they sound like me with directions. Hopefully they will never have to come to your house again!


  23. Trish B. says:

    I have nine rescued dogs of my own and one foster dog. I also have three rescued kitties, a Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and fish! 🙂

  24. tamatha hunter says:

    we have 3 dogs all rescues

  25. Rachel Robertson says:

    I have 2 cats, LuLu and Azrael 🙂

  26. Trayce Mc says:

    I have 1 pup, 1 kitty, & 3 dwarf hamsters

  27. Shelley P says:

    My pets include 1 cat, 6 dogs, hamsters, hedgehogs, chinchillas and fish : )

  28. kim albanese says:

    We have a shih tzu and a cat.

  29. Erika P. says:

    We have two dogs and a bird.

  30. This is so much more attractive and durable than those stickers – I have one pealing off my back door as we speak. (I commented on your review, too).

  31. christal c willdebbie says:

    1 cat and 3 dogs

  32. I have a dog named Puffy

  33. Ruth Hill says:

    one dog, 15 cats, 4 goats, 2 newts, and some goldfish
    Sound good to you?

    • What’s a newt…some type of lizard isn’t it? I have an anole. 🙂 I always wanted a goat. I think they are cute. 🙂


  34. I have two spoiled rotten dogs – a Corgi and an Aussie

  35. Phoenix says:

    Several felines plus other dogs & cats who frequently visit.

  36. Sandra W. says:

    I have two dogs, some frogs, a betta and a hamster

  37. Cat, dog and birds.

  38. Richard Hicks says:

    we have 2 rescue cats and a wiener dog

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  39. I have 7 cats and 2 fish!

  40. I have cats!

  41. shirley zolenski says:

    5 dogs, a chinchilla, 5 birds, a bunny, a tortoise and a degu

  42. Lily Kwan says:

    My friend has cats.


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