DISH To Drop WeTV? Downsized Cancelled? So Many Questions… #downsized

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I personally love the show Downsized and have been waiting ever so {or not so} patiently for it’s return. So, i go to check out the Downsized website today to get some sort of idea of when it is coming back on and this is what I see. Sheesh….

I love Downsized and watching reruns of Golden Girls on WeTV and hope Dish does not drop it. They can keep Kendra On Top, and pretty much all of the rest of their programming, though, lol.

For any of you who may have not seen Downsized, it’s a show about the Bruces, a blended family who loses everything in the housing crisis. Bruce {the dad} worked in the construction business and when all of the work dried up, so did their finances. They eventually lost their home, the family business and had to file bankruptcy. Downsized starts with the family trying to start from scratch to rebuild the life they lost.

Image Credit: WeTV

The show hooks the Bruces up with a financial counselor to help teach them how to make the best financial decisions possible, given their not-so-unique situation. I love this aspect of the show – it doesn’t seem like it is trying to exploit the Bruces situation as much as many of the other reality programs do to their cast members. In one episode, one of the children has an asthma attack and the Bruces are left with astronomical medical bills to pay. They watched as what little money they had saved for a new house all went to this set of bills – a situation completely beyond their control. Although the financial adviser could not save them from this situation, he did counsel the Bruces on ways to work with lenders and creditors to lower bills and possible ways to avoid bankruptcy in the future – for example, streamline refinance information such as FHA refis.

If you would like to learn a little more about the housing crisis, the current economic climate and how to best allocate your finances to protect yourself and your assets, please check out

PS. I couldn’t find anything about when Downsized is coming back or if it is. Does anyone know? It appears as if it might have been cancelled *sniff, sniff.*

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  1. Maureen White says:

    Just wanted to let you know that if WE goes then as soon as our contract is up , we will be leaving DISH

    • Yeah, I called and I still have a year on my contract…ugh…they threatened to cancel ABC a while ago, too and didn’t…so we will see, I guess..


  2. Darlene Ysaguirre says:

    I love WE network i am a dish customer and recently decreased my package and switched to hulu and netflix alot more show options for such a little price

  3. We just cancelled ours and found out they took $730.00 out of our account. We were totally mad and I mean mad.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Are you kidding me? Why? We just called to cancel ours yesterday. I will definitely let you know if they try some crazy stuff on us.

  4. Carol Sharma says:

    This really makes me mad. It seems like these tv companies cancel every show that we (especially us women) actually like. God forbid you ever see them cancel a stupid sports program. No, they let those run overtime into the next program scheduled slot so it ends up ruining our scheduled recording, and we miss half our show. I don’t see them making any allowenses for those occasion when they know that is going to happen, and they know it’s going to happen, because it happens every time there is a scheduled sports event on. It is very frustrating. I really would like to see Downsized brought back. It is a show I and obviously many other people enjoyed watching. Listen to your audience for a change. And one more thing, stop scheduling programs on tv from any hour to one minute past the hour. It makes setting up recordings on the dvr impossible.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I am with you. I really miss this show. 🙁 That happens to me with the DVR a lot, too… I have no idea why they do that.


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