Ladies, Avoid This Idiot At All Costs {A Cheap Is The *New* Classy Public Service Announcement}

The Man Who Fathered 30 Kids ~

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*Let me get this out there before anyone gets the wrong idea. I fully support people’s right to have as many or as few children as they wish. Unless they are idiots (see below)…

Did you read the story on Yahoo! about the man (Desmond Hatchett) who fathered 30, yes 30, kids between 11 different women? Now he is asking for leniency from the court in his child support obligations because he only earns minimum wage. Immediately I think to myself that he should get about 17 more jobs to go with that one. I mean, if he has every right to father as many children as he wants, then shouldn’t the taxpayer have every right to make the father help pay for them himself?

The article says that the man who fathered 30 kids isn’t breaking any laws. To me, he is. He is a thief. He promised the court that he wouldn’t make anymore children in 2009, yet he has since made 9 more. When did perjury stop becoming a crime? He is taking food out of our childrens’ mouths to put in his own – as I am sure there is quite a bit of government aid going around in this very preventable situation. And not only is he stealing from us, what about the poor (although probably quite naive in many cases) mothers who are left caring for these children alone? What chance do these children have in life with a father like that as a role model? This is a sad situation and that man should be ashamed of himself. He helped make all these children and doesn’t want to help take care of them, plain and simple.

I think jail is the best place for the man who fathered 30 kids. I have no idea why he isn’t there as non-payment of child support is an offense punishable with jail. I mean, according to the article, some of the women receive a little over a buck a  month in child support. One freaking dollar!! Which is the greater evil – the women losing that monthly dollar and the state incurring the cost of jailing this man or letting him continue to run rampant and impregnate 30 more women? I think in the long run it might be cheaper just to jail the guy and get it over with. Or let him chose between that and chemical castration…

I think the absolute best idea was in the comment section on Yahoo!

Amen, AlSamood, Amen! I hope you run for office one day!

I just had to warn my fellow ladies. You’re welcome.


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  1. Wow!! Is he involved in those kids’ lives at all? That’s insane to me..why do that and then not be able at all to support even one of them really. And he’s a man…birth control is the simplest for him!

    • I have no idea if he is involved in their lives…but, if he is selfish enough to have 30 kids that he obviously cares not whether they have diapers or not…I seriously doubt it. Did I mention that the oldest one is 14, so he has managed to average over 2 kids a year for the past 14 years!!

  2. Castration!!!! That is insane. When they are jailed for non payment of child support here they put them to work in a chicken plant and they take their earnings and divide it up between the children then take what’s left except for a little walking around money to pay for part of the expenses of room & board!

    • Ooh, I like that! I wish they did that here! Here they just suspend their license and they drive anyway.


  3. That is just insane! He should go to jail! Years ago my father went to jail because he was behind by $200 in child support, yet this guy can get away with it pretty much and go free?! I hope these mothers can take care of their kids at least a little or at least get some help from others.

    • The sad thing is, I am sure the mothers are getting help – from us. I don’t mind people being on assistance who need it…but I think most of these people involved in this situation (mothers included) just did whatever they wanted without even worrying how it affects others. That really makes me mad and I feel really sorry for the children. 🙁 What morals are their parents going to teach them?


  4. Nicole - Mama to 4 Blessings says:

    I don’t get to watch the news much lately, sorry I do not know who this person is.

    • It’s probably for the best that you don’t know who this person is. 😉


  5. Unbelievable. Some people need to grow up. First off someone needs to teach him about safe sex and then he needs to either work around the clock to support these children or be part of their lives. Sad thing is he has created such an impossible situation for everyone involved.

    • I know. I see no solution. I hope this guys stops soon but as long as he is not held accountable, I doubt he will.


  6. I saw that article too. UGH…..what do those women see in a joker like him?

  7. stephanie rowe says:

    they should require him to get a vasectomy. he has done his fair share of populating!!!

    • I know! Sheesh! He acts like he is the last man on Earth who can sustain life!


  8. I was appalled last night when I read this! What got me was the statement that he hasn’t done anything illegal. Well, not paying child support can’t be illegal if some dumb judge let’s him only pay $1. and some odd cents for child support! What is that supposed to help pay for!? That doesn’t even pay for a school lunch none the less clothes, food, school supplies, etc. that a child needs! Oye! Some people!

    • I think he may as well just not pay anything if all he is going to pay is a freaking dollar…I have no idea why he is even asking to pay less…if he is only paying say $1.50 per child he may be paying like a grand total of $21 a month in child support…and he needs that lowered?? This guy is a real loser.


  9. This happened pretty local to us so I saw it on the news. What appalls me even more is that there are only 11 moms so either all of them have 2 or 3 kids by him or one of them might even have 4 or 5 kids with him! Surely he’s not smooth enough that he’s hidden 11 women from each other!

    • I know, right! I wonder if any of the moms are friends! It isn’t far from me either as I am in NC.


  10. Unbelievable! This is just one example of the many reasons why our government is broke. With idiots like this running around, and that INCLUDES the women he’s impregnating, where do you think our country will be in 30 years? All that people like this are doing is creating a nation of dependents. And $1 a month, really? If he has a minimum wage job, he should be paying more out than $30 a month total, regardless if that will put him in poverty or not. He wasn’t concerned with that for the children he fathered, so why should the court show him any lenience?

    • Yeah, I can’t believe that he can just get away with this. At the very least he should be forced into counseling or to see a psychiatrist or something because he obviously has some issues. And yes, people like this are exactly the reason this country is in the shape it is today – no accountability.


  11. Jennifer Clay says:

    I just read this yesterday and was like OMG!! First off, why would these woman still have sex with this dude knowing he has so many children! I know for a fact if I was getting a $1.45 for child support from my baby daddy because he had so many children I would never ever ever ever ever have more children with him!! Good lord that is just crazy!!

  12. Didn’t anyone ever tell him, “No glove, no love”??

  13. Wow, 9 kids since 2009? The amount of diapers alone….wow.

  14. First thing I told my son when we had *the talk* is to keep it in his pants because if he ended up fathering a child, he would be responsible for it for the rest of his life. Someone should have told this guy that.

    • I know! I imagine at some point someone did – I would hope so. No accountability whatsoever!



  16. I haven’t heard of him, which is probably a good thing! That’s ridiculous -he needs to be held accountable for his actions. That being said, what about the mothers? I mean, surely they had to know he had other children?


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