Forget The Claw! Lilla Rose Flexi Clips {Sponsored Review}

Lilla Rose ~

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Ladies, how many of you use those hateful claws in your hair? You know the ones I am talking about. The ones that pull your hair and slide out just when you get it where you want it. The very same ones that break and have the little remnants of claws that stab you in the scalp. Oh, I hate those things yet I use them anyway because I couldn’t find a better way to hold my hair up. My hair is super long and thick and nothing seems to work…until now!

Recently I got the pleasure of trying out a product line I had never heard of called Lilla Rose. Lilla Rose is a brand of hair accessories that can hold your hair in place – no matter how thick, how fine, how curly, how smooth. Lilla Rose has several sizes of flexi clips to suit any need and you can find a handy video and sizing chart to help you decide which size would work best for you!

My daughter's hair is really thick and she swept it up and a little to the side - and the Lilla Rose clip held it! (Item shown - XL Charming Rays of Sunshine Flexi Clip)

I must admit that when I was approached with this review I was a bit skeptical, but I love hair accessories and love to try new things. :) I assumed they would be plastic. And I thought the part of the hair accessory that you see would be like some sort of stretchy stuff that would eventually break – similar to a hair band. I was pleased to find that neither of these is true. These flexi clips are made of metal and the top part does not bend easily, thus, the tension holds your hair in place. But they do not pull your hair – nor did they give me a headache, like some hair accessories that are so tight you think your hair will pull out. Plus, the pieces are attached to each other -so,  you never have to worry about losing the bottom part rendering the jeweled part unusable!

My daughter's friend - she has thick hair as well - and the clip did not slide out of her hair! (Item shown - L Sea Turtle Flexi Clip)

Lilla Rose has tons of hair accessories to choose from. I loved the sun and the turtle accessories that I chose (pictured above) and my daughter chose these cute skull bobby pins (pictured below). I can honestly say these are the best hair products I have ever owned and I am super happy that I got to review them!

How cute are these! My teen loves them! (Picture - Skull and Crossbones Bobby Pins)

Buy It! 

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  1. Sandra Beeman says:

    I.m glad to find through this review that there are alternatives to claws and elastic bands (which certainly do break). I would love to try Lilas’s alternatives. These are functional, dependable, well-designed and so pretty!

  2. I love these clips. They are great!

  3. I’m glad that they can hold hair that well. The clips look well made and pretty.

  4. I have a few Lilla Rose clips and literally live in them. ;-) I wear them every day and would LOVE to have a little more variety!

  5. Stephanie H says:

    These sound like the cure to my nap of the neck scrunchy that I use almost every day because if I do a tight pony tail then I get a headache. I use the strechy headbands but they are very casual. I really want to try one of these because the other issue I have had is berets slipping out of my hair . Thanks

    • These also don’t get that nasty smell that scrunchies get, yuck! Thank you for entering!


  6. I would love to try these. I have thick hair and good old ponytail holder is usually what I have to use on my hair. I like the idea of having a pretty item to put in my hair.

  7. chrissy iacovelli says:

    I have the thickest hair ever! would love to see if these beautiful peices would work in my hair! :)

    • Yes, they will work in your hair! I know lots of women who can’t use other products who love the flexi! The clips come in seven sizes “mini,” “extra-small,” “small,” “medium,” “large,” “extra-large,” and “mega,” so they work in super-baby-fine to super thick – they will work in dreadlocks and braids too. Check out the sizing video (link above) to find your perfect size.

      • Chrissy – you should see my hair, lol! I have crazy thick super long (down to my booty) hair and the x-large works for me. :) I can also make the Large work, but I like the way the XL feels just a little better. I watched the sizing video that Holly is referring to, it’s really helpful. :) Also, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. :)


  8. Holly Hennessy Swint says:

    I have been wanting to try these for awhile because they are pretty and I have fine hair that most all clips and barrettes slide out of.

  9. these are so pretty, I like the fact that there are so many designs, and of course sizes as well since my daughter has fine, thin hair it is hard to find something that stays in!

  10. They look really sturdy and they have cute designs!

  11. Mayla Moore says:

    There are so many styles to choose from! They are all so beautiful!

  12. I love Lilla Rose. All their stuff is so pretty. I would love to have anything they sell.

  13. I am so excited about the Flexi Hair Clip because I get headaches sometimes from the stretchy bands I wear in my hair! I hope to win this because I have four daughters and we all could use it!! Thanks!!!

  14. carol roberts says:

    the clips are cool looking i want to win

  15. Jennifer Metz says:

    I love these clips! So many different styles and colors to choose from, I’m such a hair accessory junkie!

  16. My hair is long and thick – I love it but it gets so hot in summer. I am always looking for beautiful ways to put it back. I love the clip you’ve shown and that it doesn’t hurt your hair. I also love the hair sticks!

    • You are like me! My hair is so hot on my neck and I love to keep it up. I like have thick hair but it can be a pain! :)


  17. Misty Lay says:

    I’ve never heard of this product/brand before today and now I am completely intriqued! I have ALOT of hair, ponytail holders, etc fail completely at keeping my hair up and presentable. I think I may have to get myself a few of these! LOVE!

  18. Maria Carmela Renna says:

    What gorgeous clips – they look very Edwardian in style – thanks so much for your review and for introducing me to this incredibly talented woman!

  19. Maryann says:

    I love the large selection they have for all hair types and sizes. So pretty!

  20. Jude Skocki Kelly says:

    i LOVE Lilla Rose. I have very fine hair and often have a hard time finding accessories that will stay in my hair let alone hold it up. Claw clips are too big and heavy and fall out after just a little while. To explain how thin my hair is to anyone who has used a Lilla Rose flex clip, I use a small to hold my hair in a french twist. They work so well, I can set it and forget it, without the tight elastics.


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