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Christina Aguilera – I Call BS ~

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Remember Tony Lucca’s performance of “99 Problems” on The Voice a few weeks ago? Well, after his performance, Christina Aguilera complained that the song was derogatory to women and pointed out that since Tony Lucca’s family was there, perhaps he should have picked out a more appropriate song.

Yes, I am sure many people do find that song derogatory. I am not arguing against that. My personal opinion is that I don’t care either way. And I do agree with Christina that he could have perhaps found a more appropriate song. I love Christina Aguilera but really, is SHE the person to be pointing these sorts of things out?

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Here is where I call BS though. Anyone catch the Flo Rida performance with Juliet Sims? If not, check it out below.


I must say that I personally love Flo Rida, but here is my argument. If I am Christina Aguilera and I want to pick a fight over the objectification of women, would I then have my toddler on my lap for a Flo Rida performance that includes lyrics like “If I took you home it’d be a home run” and includes scantily clad women and grinding? Also, has there been an episode of “The Voice” where Christina hasn’t worn either some kind of underwear looking bodysuit or her breasts have been exposed (or worse still, BOTH)?

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I am all about the free speech and all that but, all I am saying is that if you are going to point out other’s wrongs, perhaps you should walk the talk yourself first. Personally, I find some of the things Christina has worn on the show far more offensive than a *highly edited* version of a song sung once on the show by Tony Lucca. Furthermore, I bet a lot of the population might not have even caught that there was a bad word deleted from the song had she not pointed it out to begin with.





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  1. Desiree says:

    I am totally with you on this! I don’t watch the show much but I’ve seen a few episodes and her outfits make conversations with my 14 year old interesting to say the least! It’s a family show, she should dress appropriately. And yes, I love her as a performer, but she’s not performing here, she’s supposed to be setting an example and being a role model. Just my .02 😉

  2. I think it was just sour grapes on her part. It was pretty obvious, in my opinion that the song was specifically in reference to the tension between her and Tony Lucca all season long (proof in point: Adam already had his Team Xtina shirt on), and I’d be willing to bet that pissed her off a whole lot more than the disrespectful nature of the song.

    • I agree! And I think she had a problem with Tony Lucca to begin with, thought I have no idea why.


  3. Kathryn C. says:

    I don’t watch this show this much. I probably have watched it maybe two times and I have to agree that some of the outfits that she wears she should not be wearing a so called family show that aired around 8 pm est. Thanks for the post!

  4. I have never watched the show, and don’t intend to, but your points are definitely valid. I don’t think Christina has any room to judge others. Her clothing alone, objectifies women I think.

    • Lol! True! Sadly, I do see her points…however, I think that these points would have perhaps struck me more, personally, had they come from someone not wearing a unitard/bustier. 😉


  5. I thought Blake pointed out the edited word first, but I could be wrong. Personally I thought it was an odd choice as soon as Carson announced what he was performing. I like rap and have no problem with the original version, but I think it hurt his chances of winning.

    • I agree with you about that song being an odd choice and probably hurting his chances. I visualize people at home not voting simply because of the shock value. I am also not sure how that song really showcases anyone “voice.” The entire thing really puzzled me. And you are right, Blake did point it the skipped word first first. To me, he just acted like he didn’t know what it was at all (dirty or clean) – but then Christina made it pretty apparent what the context of the entire song was (to me that includes the skipped word). That’s why I feel she is the one that pointed it out – especially the connotation of it.


  6. Eek! I don’t watch The Voice and not really Flo Rida either…but I would say this. Some people should just not throw stones… :/

  7. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    I like to hear Christina sing, but don’t care too much for the way she dresses, I must have missed that one, because I don’t remember this. But I love the show it’self.

  8. i dod watch the show some time but the idea of the dress they were is out ragesous some time they do need to kep in mind the people got talent and o that