Top 10 John Cusack Movies #moreclassywriting

John Cusack Movies ~ There are several actors that I love, but my favorite, hands down, is John Cusack. There is rarely a movie that he does that I do not at least like, but many of them I feel to be among my favorites.

National Beheading Day – Who Will You Celebrate With?

National Beheading Day ~ Thanks to Southern Girl Ramblings, I am now aware of some holidays that might not be on the top of the old celebration list. National Beheading Day is today, September 2nd. Well, that is a heartwarming holiday, isn’t it? How exactly would one celebrate National Beheading Day anyway? Does this call […]

TV Shows That Dominate Our Television #shepromotes

Must See TV Shows.. So, I was reading on Shary Loves You today all about the TV shows that fill her waking hours. {Incidentally, Shary originally credits this post idea to Kecia from Southern Girl Ramblings – ah, the circle of blog life} Shary has a small child, so as one might conclude, her TV […]