Superpowers: What Would Yours Be? #NaBloPoMo

Superpowers ~ We are all aware of those famous superheroes such as Batman, Spiderman, and Superman. We are also aware of their superpowers. What if you could choose any superpower to secretly have? What would you choose? Also, would you rather be a superhero or a villain?

Creative Halloween Ideas

Creative Halloween Ideas ~ Halloween provides the opportunity to be exceptionally creative. However, most people you see at parties or clubs will be wearing typical Halloween costumes, such as vampires, ghosts, zombies or pirates. While there is nothing wrong with those costumes, and they can certainly be fun, you may want to choose something different […]

Superman Hearts Wonder Woman – Could Wonder Woman Cameo in Man of Steel?

Wonder Woman Kissed by Superman ~ As many of you have probably already know, the newest Superman comic features he and Wonder Woman locked in an embrace on the cover. I am by far no comic book expert but I love when they are adapted into big screen films. Since, apparently DC Comic’s plan is […]