Cat Bearding 101 #shop #ad #cbias #ClubFreshStep

cat bearding

Cat Bearding Fun With #ClubFreshStep ~ We have a bunch of cats. We had 4 and well, now we have 6 {3 of which are indoor kitties}. We are pretty much suckers when it comes to a cute face. Especially the hubs. He is a total cat person! So, as one might guess, we need […]

Thanksgiving With Sam’s Castle Wood Ham + Cheesy Ham and Turkey Soup Recipe #MealsTogether #cbias #spon

Cheesy Ham and Turkey Soup With Thanksgiving Leftovers

Sam’s Castle Wood Ham ~ I hope that you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I know that I did. I assume that most of you had a traditional turkey dinner, but have you thought about having ham for a holiday meal? We had Castle Wood Boneless Ham that we purchased at Sam’s Club and turkey for our Thanksgiving […]