5 Tips To Help Make Your Relationship Last Forever

Married life is full of challenges. Disagreements, fights, and offenses are inevitable but if partners put enough effort into their relationship, they will manage to avoid all those pitfalls and keep their love alive. Psychologists and relationship experts share the secrets of happy long-term relationships.

6 Reasons Why I’m Thankful I Met My {Almost Ex} Husband

My husband and I separated. I felt it was important to share this here because you won’t be seeing many more posts from him {he has a few coming} and I didn’t want you readers to wonder why. We have been together over 9 years and our 9 year wedding anniversary would be in February. […]

The Difference Between Guys and Men

Difference Between Guys and Men ~ A lot of people use the terms “guys” and “men” interchangeably. This irks me to no end. Although most men exhibit some “guy” traits and vice versa, I think there is a distinct difference between guys and men. The following is my opinion of the differences between guys and […]

Ghosting – Have You Ever Been Ghosted?

Ghosting ~   Yesterday I learned about a new thing called “ghosting.” What the heck is that? Well, remember the good old days when you you spent all afternoon getting ready for a hot date and your suitor never even bothered to show up {I use the term “good old days” loosely}? You were stood […]