10 Tasty Oatmeal Muffin Recipes

Did you know that December 19th is National Oatmeal Muffin Day? I did not know myself until recently. However my birthday is the day before and I really love oatmeal muffins so I feel that is some sort of sign. Wouldn’t you agree? Happy early birthday to me! Lol. Seriously, though, though some oatmeal muffins […]

16 Ridiculously Good Fudge Recipes For Fudge Day

Did you know that June 16th is National Fudge Day? If you didn’t, you do now. 😉 So, perhaps now you are thinking about ways to celebrate. Right? Well, you are in luck! We have rounded up 16 of the tastiest fudge recipes that we could find on the internet for you to try out […]

Celebrate National Dairy Month With These Recipes Using Milk

Did you know that June is National Dairy Month? As we know, milk and other dairy products are vitally important to your health. So, it makes sense to me that there would be a month devoted to the celebration and promotion of all things dairy. Not only does milk provide essential vitamins and minerals necessary […]

Lemon Cheesecake Recipe #sponsored

Cheesecake is perhaps our favorite type of cake in this household. So, naturally, we love trying new cheesecake recipes when we can. If you are looking for a cheesecake that is not as heavy as many of the more traditional types, then we think you will love this one. It requires less cream cheese and […]

Blackberry Melon Smoothie Recipe

When our daughter still lived here, she used to make smoothies all of the time. Since, she has moved out, my husband and I have carried on with the tradition. Smoothies are a great way to get a lot of vitamins and minerals in one tasty food. I decided to play around with the Minty […]

Diabetic Friendly Avocado BLT Recipe #sponsored

It’s been so warm outside lately that it has me in the mind for spring. All things spring. And what is perfect for spring? Lovely sandwiches full of garden fresh veggies. This Avocado BLT Recipe is a super simple recipe. It’s also a diabetic-friendly sandwich that comes together in just minutes.

Philly Cheesesteak Sliders Recipe

I just love sliders. They are really easy and it’s a quick way to make enough food to please a crowd. You can also make these with very little notice if necessary. And you can make them so many different ways. Today, we are sharing with you our Philly Cheesesteak Sliders recipe. After you have […]

Minty Watermelon Smoothie Recipe

We love smoothies in this household and I am a lucky woman. My husband makes them for me all the time. He doesn’t love watermelon, though, and I do – but I don’t want to buy a whole watermelon, so I find that this Minty Watermelon Smoothie Recipe is a great way for me to […]

10 Delicious Vegan Recipes

I know that many of you probably made resolutions for the New Year. How has it been going so far? Have you been able to stick with your goals or have you found it tough? If you made a resolution to become vegan, or just to eat healthier, and you are looking for some recipe […]

10 Decadent Brownie Recipes To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Are you looking for something sweet to make for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? Perhaps you have a sweet tooth yourself and you are hoping to drop a few hints to your paramore. Or maybe you just want to try out a new recipe. Whatever the case may be we have you covered. For today, […]