Late Night Possum Roundup!

I just saw this commercial for the first time tonight and, I must say, I am still laughing! In my search to find this video on YouTube, I also found these other funnies for you!

And They Say People On Facebook Don’t “Like” Stuff… #randomfun

You obviously “like” funny stuff! Thanks to Drugstore Divas for originally bringing this important message to my attention! 😉 I feel a lot better now! And apparently at least 272 of you do, as well!

Shout Out To Willow Smith! #randomfun

Yes, Willow Smith may be able to whip her hair back and forth, but can she whip thy wig to and fro? Show me that. Then I will be impressed.

Need a Laugh? Check Out The GloZell Cinnamon Challenge

Okay, so the other day my daughter expressed interest in doing the “Cinnamon Challenge.” Not knowing what that meant and knowing that it was probably bad, I decided to investigate further. So, my understanding is that you are to take a teaspoon or tablespoon and fill it up with cinnamon, stick it in your mouth […]

Need a Laugh? Check Out The Baking Soda and Vinegar Challenge

Not sure why anyone would ever want to do this and I am sure it isn’t very safe, but…  

Need a Laugh? Clothes Dryer Mercy Kill! #randomfun

  Ladies, have you ever felt like this? That dryer was crazy loud. Yeah, I probably would have killed it, too. {Skip to :45 for the action}