Late Night Possum Roundup!

I just saw this commercial for the first time tonight and, I must say, I am still laughing! In my search to find this video on YouTube, I also found these other funnies for you!

Is This “Cleaning Fairy” For Real? #randomfun

Have you seen this story? A woman is breaking into houses and cleaning them – then leaving the owners a bill! I don’t even want to clean my own house, let alone break into someone else’s house to clean it. Seriously though, if she wants to clean houses that bad – I am sure she […]

Chillaxing Frog! #randomfun

  Sometimes even frogs like to sit back and chill out.  

Need a Laugh? Clothes Dryer Mercy Kill! #randomfun

  Ladies, have you ever felt like this? That dryer was crazy loud. Yeah, I probably would have killed it, too. {Skip to :45 for the action}