Take Your Prom Dress Shopping To The Next Level With These Tips

Prom for girls is synonymous to fun. And why wouldn’t be? It’s the time in a girl’s life where she has a whole month or two to prepare for a special night. In the preparation process you will mainly have to secure a prom dress. It’s one of the main event so a lot of […]

Prom Dresses 2015: Shop Early To Get The Best Selection #sponsored

With Senior prom right around the corner {well in the Spring, but a girl has to plan early you know}, which prom dress to choose is all my friends and I can talk about. Although we still have basically another semester to go until the arrival of prom night, we love getting excited and getting […]

Where To Get Gorgeous Prom Dresses Cheap #sponsored @jjs_house

If you have been following along with our recent posting, you may be aware that we have been looking for a prom dress for Amber. But, as we are not super affluent, we are mostly trying to look for beautiful prom dresses cheap. So, let me share some more dresses with you, this time from […]

Finding The Perfect Prom Dresses At JenJenHouse #sponsored

This year I am a junior which means that I get to experience my very first prom! I am beyond excited. Since I was a little girl, instead of dreaming of weddings, I have dreamed of prom. I always wanted to look and feel like a princess, and with JenJenHouse I can. Stop worrying that […]