Unconventional Means To Motherhood: Breaking The Donor Egg Taboo

Many couples who have unsuccessfully tried to conceive a child through traditional intercourse find that they need medical intervention in order to achieve a healthy pregnancy. In the United States, 1.5% of all babies are conceived through the use of IVF. People hardly bat an eye about so-called ‘test-tube babies’ anymore, but other unconventional methods […]

My Pregnancy Story

This is a sponsored conversation from Mums the Word Network and The Stork OTC. All opinions are my own. When I was 19, I became pregnant with my daughter. Although I was young, it was quite an exciting experience. Though I got pregnant easily, I had lots of medical problems after that. The most dangerous […]

Celebrity-Inspired Tips For Getting Back To Your Best After Pregnancy #spon

Tummy Tuck and other Celebrity-inspired tips for getting back to your best after pregnancy ~   Most new mums are too preoccupied in enjoying their brand new bundles of joy to worry too much about their figures. However, the time will come when you want to get your body back to its pre-pregnancy best, and […]

I’ll Take a C-Section, Please..With a Side of Tummy Tuck #sponsored

So, it seems that the rumor going around Hollywood now is that female stars are doing a 2-for-1 special when they are delivering their babies. E Online recently answered a fan’s questions about whether stars are really opting to get tummy tucks along with their c-sections in part so that they can be red carpet […]