10 Yummy Popcorn Recipes For Snack Lovers

My husband is all about some popcorn. It’s his favorite snack and we have this really cool popcorn maker that looks like a movie popcorn machine. If you are a popcorn muncher like he is, you should definitely get one of these bad boys. Anyway, we love trying our popcorn different ways. I like mine […]

National Popcorn Day: What Is Your Favorite Type Of Popcorn?

National Popcorn Day ~ January 19th is National Popcorn Day! Oh, popcorn, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I know 53 of them (just kidding!). But, anyway, to celebrate this most beloved snack and its wonderfulness on this day, I want to know what is your favorite type of popcorn?

Popcorn Garland With Cranberries From Jolly Time and Habelman #ad

Popcorn Garland ~ Who doesn’t like popcorn? Fresh, hot, buttery popcorn! What a wonderful snack! And Jolly Time Popcorn is some of the best. Jolly Time Popcorn is available at most grocery stores and in a variety of different flavors, such as Blast-o-Butter, Crispy N White, and Kettlemania just to name a few. I love […]

Jolly Time Popcorn {Sponsored Review}

Jolly Time Popcorn ~ So, you’re sitting in the living room cuddled up with the entire family. You are about to start a movie when suddenly, your tummy starts to growl. You’re hungry, but you’re too comfortable to get up and make a meal. So, what’s the solution? Popcorn! And the perfect variety is Jolly Time […]

Popcorn Factory Giveaway {Win a Patriotic 3 Flavor Popcorn Tin} #sponsored @popcornfactory ***OVER***

Anyone out there like popcorn? You know I am talking to you! Here is your chance to WIN a nice big Patriotic tin of popcorn! A 2 gallon 3 flavor popcorn tin, to be exact! Yum!

Popcorn Factory {Sponsored Review} @popcornfactory

Who doesn’t like popcorn? My husband would definitely not fall into the “doesn’t like popcorn” family. If popcorn were a woman, he would leave me for it. So, you can imagine his pleasure when he realized that we were going to get to review Popcorn Factory products. I’ll give you one guess who the first […]

Popcorn Factory Sponsored Review and Giveaway! {5/6-5/13} ***OVER***

*Thanks to Coupons In Motion for this sponsored review and giveaway. Do you like popcorn? Have you tried The Popcorn Factory Popcorn? Wow! It is delicious! The Popcorn Factory sent Coupons In Motion one of their 3 flavor popcorn tins to review. She admits that she wasn’t expecting anything spectacular. “Boy, was I wrong,” is her […]

Freebie – Small Popcorn at AMC Movie Theatres This Weekend! {April 13th-15th}

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Jolly Time Popcorn Giveaway! ***OVER***

  You could win $100 or a box of Jolly Time Popcorn! Click HERE to enter! US only, 13+, enter once! – Ends 2/21/12