Outdoors – The View From Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University College Days – here are some outdoor views that I took around campus while in college at Appalachian State University. 🙂 This is the building in which I spent the majority of my time {aside from the Sociology Building}. I can’t find a pic that I took of the Sociology building at […]

Scary #Photo-a-Day Challenge

Sunshine #Photo-a-Day @bloggerpr

Wish I was here…

Something Went Wrong #Photo-a-Day @bloggerpr

Sparkles #Photo-a-Day @bloggerpr

I Ate This #Photo-a-Day @bloggerpr

Man, this bird is spazzing! It must be hungry! Speaking of food, did you have anything especially tasty to eat today?

Crazy Hair #Photo-a-Day @bloggerpr

Anyone ever have a bad hair day? I know I haven’t (wink, wink)!

This Is How I Roll #Photo-a-Day

Haha! How do you roll? This is how I roll…oh and here are some more examples!