Babyhood To Full On Toddler Mayhem: What You Need To Consider

Nothing is quite as exciting as becoming a parent. I know that all too well now being the parent of a young adult, how did that happen? But enough about me, I wanted to talk about those early days. The excitement of getting that positive pregnancy test, the enjoyment (for some) of pregnancy and then […]

These Are The Things All Good Parents Have In Common

How do you know if you’re a good parent? Well, if you’re doing the best by your kids in the best way you know how, that could be considering good parenting. However, there are things that all good parents have in common. Take a look at the pointers below and you should get a good […]

Yep, I’m a Crappy Mom, Too + Linky! #NotACrappyMom

Crappy Mom ~ So, it seems that there are tons of not-so-perfect mothers out there. What?! *Gasp* You know the ones I am talking about. The moms that don’t carpool 5 kids to 17 weekly activities while staying perfectly made up and put together. These are the same moms that don’t make their kiddos perfectly […]

Facebook Safety – Protecting Our Kids From The Not So Obvious Threats + Linky

Facebook Safety ~   Recently my daughter re-posted a picture that a childhood friend of mine posted on his Facebook page. She was unaware that wherever he posted that from also came with the picture. So, I am looking at my daughter’s Facebook page and find a picture that was not explicit in and of […]