Super Bowl XLVII: NFL Conference Championships Update and Game Highlights @Superbowl #sb47

Super Bowl XLVII: NFL Conference Championships Update ~ Well, here we are, just a few days away from Super Bowl XLVII, and we finally know who will be playing in the game! Did you guess correctly? Let’s find out!

NFL Divisional Playoffs Update – The Road To Super Bowl XLVII @Superbowl @NFL #sb47

NFL Divisional Playoffs ~ Last week I let you know who was left in the NFL Divisional Playoffs so that you could pick your Super Bowl teams. Now it’s time to update you on how it stands after the NFL Divisional Playoff rounds this weekend. Did your team make it? Or is it better luck […]

Super Bowl XLVII – Which Football Teams Will Win The AFC and NFC? @Superbowl #sb47

Super Bowl ~ Super Bowl XLVII is just a few weeks away!  In honor of this most glorious should-be national holiday, I want to know which two teams do you think will be playing in Super Bowl XVII? Before you pick, I am going to give you some information to help you make a good, […]