Superpowers: What Would Yours Be? #NaBloPoMo

Superpowers ~ We are all aware of those famous superheroes such as Batman, Spiderman, and Superman. We are also aware of their superpowers. What if you could choose any superpower to secretly have? What would you choose? Also, would you rather be a superhero or a villain?

Not A Morning Person: The Joys Of 2nd Shift #NaBloPoMo

Morning Person ~ I am so NOT a morning person. I am finding that out more and more the longer that I work for myself. I write most of my blog posts at night {unless of course they need to be posted in the morning – I am not totally trusting of the post scheduler}. […]

Songs That Rock #NaBloPoMo

Songs That Rock ~ Do you have those days when you just feel…blah? I know I do! What do you do when you feel that way? For me, the biggest energy boost comes from music! I don’t have one set of FAVORITE songs that rock, though I am partial to music by Fleetwood Mac, Lynyrd […]

Energy Suckers #NaBloPoMo

Energy Suckers ~   Is there something that just takes it all out of you? I am not sure that I really let much take all of my energy anymore. I mean, I give a lot of my energy to my family and my blog but, to me, when something takes up most of your […]

Inspiration: From Where Do You Draw Your Energy #NaBloPoMo

Inspiration ~   Have you ever thought about what inspires you on a day to day basis? From where exactly do you draw your energy? I know that I get mine from Duke Energy as they send me a horrendous bill every month to prove it. 😛 Seriously though, I think what inspires me most […]

Old School #NaBloPoMo @bloggerpr

Remember these days? Ah, the cool stuff always comes back. 😉

Movie Night Magic Mike Hotness #NaBloPoMo @bloggerpr

Ok, so I haven’t gotten to see this yet but I think everyone else and their mamma has, so I thought I would post some Magic Mike hotness for the ladies. 😉

Fragrance #NaBloPoMo @bloggerpr

Who likes my mosaic candle topper? Is that what it’s called? Anyway, I love the way this candle looks and how it makes the house smell yummy! Know what I love even more? The fact that I got the mosaic topper at a yard sale for a quarter. 😉

I Forgot #NaBloPoMo @bloggerpr

I forgot to do this post until just now, lol…

Hot Enough? Try Cooling Down With Ben and Jerry’s #sponsored

Ah, summer. Ah, the outdoors. Ah, the sweltering, make you want to beg for mercy, heat. Besides sleeping on top of your AC unit, what is a person to do to find some relief? I think we all know the answer to that. And that answer is Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream!