Popcorn Garland With Cranberries From Jolly Time and Habelman #ad

Popcorn Garland ~ Who doesn’t like popcorn? Fresh, hot, buttery popcorn! What a wonderful snack! And Jolly Time Popcorn is some of the best. Jolly Time Popcorn is available at most grocery stores and in a variety of different flavors, such as Blast-o-Butter, Crispy N White, and Kettlemania just to name a few. I love […]

Eric Church and the Return Of Country’s Outlaw Movement #MusicMonday

Eric Church ~ Gosh, it’s rough to get out of bed on Monday, isn’t it? Maybe you are getting ready to head to work. Maybe you are already there. Perhaps Monday is a day of the kid shuttle. Regardless, Monday just got a little better. Why? Because Mr. Eric Church is going to help us […]