The Stars Come Out To Play At The Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge #sponsored

Hollywood Wax Museum Review ~ Let’s face it. Most of us will never meet many Hollywood Stars. But wouldn’t it be fun if we could? Jay and I went to the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge this weekend and did just did, in wax form, that is. 😉 What we really loved most was […]

Copying Your Idol’s Fashion: Not Always a Good Idea #fashionfriday

In our world, we get most of our fashionable inspiration from seeing celebrities ( monkey see, monkey do). Sometimes the inspiration can be great, but other times it can be horrible. For instance, it seems that one celebrity that is commonly getting criticized for her fashion decisions is Lady Gaga. Although some may call her […]

Marilyn Monroe Inspired Steps To Be A Fashion Goddess #FashionFriday

Marilyn Monroe – Fashion Goddess ~ Recently, TLC wrote a very attention-worthy article about how the phenomenal Marilyn Monroe was such a brilliant icon in the fashion industry. The article consisted of 10 steps that Marilyn herself took to be such a fashionable idol. Here is my summary of the article with other gorgeous pictures […]

Miss Freddy Krueger Costumes From

This review was written by my daughter on behalf of I am a huge fan of Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street. I have always wanted to dress up as this fanatic killer on Halloween, but I wanted to look cute at the same time. So, up until now, I never did because […]