Natural Disasters and Idiot Neighbors. Decisions, Decisions. #nablopomo

Natural Disasters ~ If you were to wake up one day and suddenly be granted with super powers that enabled you to save the world, what would you do? Where would you start? Of course I am including my answer, but also some related mood music to get your day started right. 😉

Rielle Hunter and John Edwards Split. Oh, And It’s Your Fault. #dramallama

Rielle Hunter and John Edwards split… So, apparently John Edwards and Rielle Hunter have broken up and that is apparently mine and your fault. Hunter tells George Stephanopoulos, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’ve had a lot of media scrutiny. It’s complicated and it’s hard. It wears you down after a while.” The article […]

Is This “Cleaning Fairy” For Real? #randomfun

Have you seen this story? A woman is breaking into houses and cleaning them – then leaving the owners a bill! I don’t even want to clean my own house, let alone break into someone else’s house to clean it. Seriously though, if she wants to clean houses that bad – I am sure she […]

Ladies, Avoid This Idiot At All Costs {A Cheap Is The *New* Classy Public Service Announcement}

The Man Who Fathered 30 Kids ~ *Let me get this out there before anyone gets the wrong idea. I fully support people’s right to have as many or as few children as they wish. Unless they are idiots (see below)… Did you read the story on Yahoo! about the man (Desmond Hatchett) who fathered […]