Are You A Pack Rat?

Hoarders ~ Do you like to keep stuff? I mean really keep stuff? If you are one of those people who isn’t necessarily in need of a Matt Paxton and Hoarders style intervention {though that might be coming soon if you don’t get your mess together}, but your home shelves runneth over – perhaps way […]

Inside Hoarders: An Interview With Matt Paxton @cluttercleaner #hoarders

Hoarders Matt Paxton Interview ~ Many of you know Matt Paxton from the hit A&E TV Show Hoarders. But what you may not know about Paxton is that he also runs a successful cleaning service called Clutter Cleaner. Over the past 9 years, Clutter Cleaner has tackled approximately 100 homes yearly. Matt Paxton was very […]

Hoarders – An Upcoming Interview With Matt Paxton #hoarders

Matt Paxton From Hoarders ~ I have exciting news, readers. Next week I will be interviewing Matt Paxton from Clutter Cleaner and the hit A&E TV show Hoarders. Hoarders chronicles the intervention and cleanup of homes of extreme hoarders. I am sure that many of you watch this program. Maybe some of you even know […]

And They Say People On Facebook Don’t “Like” Stuff… #randomfun

You obviously “like” funny stuff! Thanks to Drugstore Divas for originally bringing this important message to my attention! 😉 I feel a lot better now! And apparently at least 272 of you do, as well!

Is This “Cleaning Fairy” For Real? #randomfun

Have you seen this story? A woman is breaking into houses and cleaning them – then leaving the owners a bill! I don’t even want to clean my own house, let alone break into someone else’s house to clean it. Seriously though, if she wants to clean houses that bad – I am sure she […]