Frugal DIY: Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets #sponsored @GianiGranite101

Want to change your kitchen cabinets but you don't have much cash or time? Check out what we did with a Nuvo cabinet paint kit in just a few hours. #sponsored

You may remember a while back that we painted our counters to look like granite. Well, the same company that made that kit, Giani Granite, also makes kits to paint your cabinets! Our cabinets were in great condition – I just thought they were outdated looking – so we decided to paint them instead of […]

How To Paint Countertops To Look Like Granite #sponsored @GianiGranite101

Giani Granite

Giani Granite ~ If you are like me, you love granite countertops. Also, if you are like me, you can’t afford them. So, I have just lived without. Fortunately for me, the countertops in our home weren’t nicked or especially, they were just blue. And I am not a huge fan of blue, or laminate […]