The Benefits Of Experiencing A Theme Park In The Off Season #ad @carowindspark

During the fall, my friends and I got the privilege of going to Carowinds and experiencing The Great Pumpkin Fest. I have never been to Carowinds other than during the summer so I wasn’t sure what to expect. To be honest, I think I enjoyed this past experience much more!

Tips To Help You Recognize and Prevent Dehydration #SafetyTips

  The summer weather is here and although there are many fun things to do, there is also the danger of dehydration. If you are like me, summertime can be really hard for you, especially on the days that it gets especially hot. I have a tendency to get overheated and often pass out. I […]

“Not Without Hope” by Nick Schuyler {Book Review} #2012readingchallenge

Not Without Hope by Nick Schuyler ~ Not Without Hope by Nick Schuyler My rating: 2 of 5 stars This book tells the story of 4 men who go on a guy’s fishing trip. One of the men was getting ready to leave for NFL training camp (2 were on NFL teams and all had […]