Polar Pillow Giveaway! $99 Value! {US Ends 8/15} @polarpillow ***OVER***

Polar Pillow Giveaway ~ Who wants to get a good night’s sleep? I know I do! With Polar Pillow, you get a nice cool pillow that stays that way for up to 2 hours! No more waking up all night and flipping that pillow over and over! Just a cool, comfy night. Ahhh…So, who wants […]

Cool Nights With Polar Pillow {Sponsored Review} @polarpillow

Introducing Polar Pillow! I don’t know about you, but I hate going to bed and not being able to get comfortable because I’m too hot. And how many of you keep turning your pillow over, and over, and over…to keep it cool? Well, now with Polar Pillow, I don’t have to worry about that anymore…and […]

Talk Nerdy To Me! #nerds

Nerds Shall Inherit The Earth ~ I was reading on Yahoo! News today about how “nerds” are now being treated like rock stars. They are being enticed into taking jobs with nice perks such as limo rides and high salaries (seriously, Yahoo! seems to be insinuating that a high salary is a “perk”). Large firms […]