How To Find Cheap Textbooks For College #ad @textbookrentals

As the mother of a college student, finding cheap textbooks is very important to me. I just think it’s insane to major in one thing and have to pay $150 for a book in a different subject, that you will never use again. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have much use for […]

College Textbooks: How To Get Them For Cheap @textbookrentals #spon

College Textbooks For Cheap ~ It’s January. You know what that means – a new college semester. Personally, I loved the college experience. I loved all of the cool things to do, cool people to experience and all of the freedom. But there was one thing I really did NOT like about the whole college […]

Get College Books Cheap @textbookrentals {Sponsored Post} ~ Are you a college student? Do you have a child in college? If so, you know how difficult it can be to afford to attend college, especially the textbooks. I know that when I was a college student, some of my books were like $200, especially those yucky science ones with labs! Ouch! […]