8 Tips For Updating Your Kitchen On A Budget

Whether you like to cook or not, you probably spend more time in the kitchen each day than in any other room in your house. Depending on how you feel about your kitchen, spending so much of your day there might prove a bit depressing. Maybe it’s been a while since you last updated the […]

4 Steps To Help Prioritize Your Finances

People always talk about being better with their money, but the bottom line is that there needs to be action to back it up. When it comes to finances, setting up a money plan is the first step to getting them in order once and for all. It goes further than simply creating a budget, […]

Save Time And Money With Coohpons #sponsored @coohponscom

Don’t you just love these people who can walk into a store with coupons and save a crazy amount of money. I love saving money but I will admit that searching for coupons, then having to, cut, arrange, and keep up with them can be a pain. If you just don’t have time for all […]

Buying Used Can Be The Wisest Move

Buying Used Can Be The Wisest Move ~ A costly mistake many people make with their finances is buying everything new. If you make this your habit, you could be suffocating beneath a pile of unnecessary monthly bills very quickly. The way to get ahead financially and stay ahead is to budget well. This often […]

Cheap Eats – Fill Your Stomach Without Emptying Your Wallet {Guest Post}

A big thank you to Coupon Cravings for contributing this article. Coupon Cravings is a coupon blog dedicated to finding busy people relevant and convenient savings. Click here to check it out. Going out to eat is a little luxury that many people indulge in. There’s something satisfying about eating a meal that someone else […]