My {Kick The} Bucket List #boostyourblog

Bucket List ~ Photo credit: jdurham from  I had never heard of a bucket list until I saw the movie that came out a few years ago by that name. I loved the movie and I loved the idea. I mean, if you were fortunate {or perhaps unfortunate enough} to know when you were […]

What Animal Would You Be For A Day? #boostyourblog

What Animal Would You Be? If you could be animal for a day, what animal would you be? I believe that I would have to choose to be one of my fur babies, Puppy Churo or Daisy {aka Daisy Baby}. These little rats totally run the household and they have everyone in it wrapped around […]

Procrastination: Are You A Procrastinator, Too? #boostyourblog

Procrastination ~ We all have that one obstacle that we are currently trying to overcome. Whether they are small or big, they are still personal struggles. Although I am not currently trying to overcome anything life changing such as alcoholism or drug addiction, I am trying to overcome procrastination.

Where Would You Be Ten Years From Now?

Where Would You Be?   If you could look ahead 10 years in your future, what would you like to see? Where would you be? Would you like for your life to be totally different? Or would you like it to be just the way it is no, save for a few years adjustments?