Mia Mariu – Gifts For My Girlfriends! $58 ARV US Ends 9/27 #GirlfriendGifts @Mia_Mariu ***OVER***

Mia Mariu ~ Welcome to the Gifts For My Girlfriends Giveaway Hop hosted by BloggerPR! September is Women’s Friendship Month, so we decided to celebrate the awesomeness of our girlfriends! In honor of these friendships, we have put together an event to highlight some of the best gift giving ideas for our girlfriends! Our bloggers […]

It’s Good To Know Who Your Friends Are #randomfun

Ah, friends…   Source: someecards.com via Dawn on Pinterest   Remember the good old days when we knew who are friends were? You know, the olden days, when everyone knew exactly where they stood with someone? No, not the olden olden John Wayne days when people looked you in the eye and spoke the truth […]