Planting, Growing, Pruning: The Ultimate Guide To Fresh Herbs


Did you know that August 29th is a holiday? No? It’s More Herbs, Less Salt Day which in my opinion should be observed all year long. As Americans, we consume entirely too much salt, which can contribute to a plethora of health problems. So why not pull out the ol’ green thumb and get your […]

10 Things You Need To Know When Serving Jury Duty

10 Things You Need To Know When Serving Jury Duty | Cheap Is The New Classy

Recently, Dawn got summoned for jury duty. This is the first time that she has ever had to serve jury duty. I, on the other hand, have been summoned twice before for jury duty, therefore I know what to expect. Since I had been summoned before, Dawn was questioning me about what to expect, and […]

Save Time And Money With Coohpons #sponsored @coohponscom

Coohpons saves you time and money #sponsored

Don’t you just love these people who can walk into a store with coupons and save a crazy amount of money. I love saving money but I will admit that searching for coupons, then having to, cut, arrange, and keep up with them can be a pain. If you just don’t have time for all […]

Blogging 101: How To Start A Blog #sponsored

How To Start A Blog | Cheap Is The New Classy #sponsored

This blog, Cheap Is The New Classy, is my first blog. I started it in late 2011 as a hobby, but it has since turned into my full time job. I also own two other blogs, one that I started on my own and one that I purchased from another blogger. Sometimes people ask me […]

10 Family Fun Activities

10 Family Fun Activities | Cheap Is The New Classy

August is Family Fun Month – so what better way to try out some new family fun activities? Let’s face it, most families could use more time together, and trying new things with your kids is a great way to bond and for you all to get to know each other better. If you are bored of traditional […]

10 Tips For Growing Super Long Hair #sponsored

How to grow super long hair + a coupon #sponsored

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I have super long hair. It has been for years – it’s just my thing. Super long hair isn’t particularly unmanageable, in my opinion, but you do have to keep it healthy. Otherwise it breaks off and you will never get much length to it. The first […]

12 Manly Game Day Dip Recipes


Ah, football season is slowly coming upon us. And you know what that means – tons of days on the couch eating and watching the TV. We all know that game day is all about the food. So, don’t let your man starve this game day. With these 12 manly game day dip recipes, you are […]

10 Easy Ways To Relax At Home


Stress. Stress. Stress. In this hectic world where more is less and less is unforgivable, sometimes it can all just get to be too much. So, sometimes we just need to calm down and de-stress. And no, that does not have to be expensive. Check out these 10 easy ways to relax that we have […]

Strawberry Shortcake Waffle Pie Recipe #sponsored @Hostess_Snacks #MC #TwinkieCookbook

Strawberry Shortcake Waffle Pie Recipe #sponsored #Hostess_Snacks #MC #TwinkieCookbook

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Twinkies. I received samples and a promotional item to thank me for participating. I have always thought that Twinkies tasted like strawberry shortcake without the strawberries, so when Hostess wanted me to share a tasty way to eat Twinkies, […]

DIY Cruise Itinerary Folder + FREE Vacation And Cruise Packing List Printables #ad @DollarTree

DIY Cruise Itinerary Folder + FREE Cruise & Vacation Packing List Printables #ad @DollarTree

My husband and I are going on our first cruise in January. It’s exciting, but also nerve wrecking. I mean, we have never traveled by water before and we have never visited these other countries that we will be going to. Being the travel planner of the household, I like to stay organized. I decided […]