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My Experience With Open Heart Surgery And Other Procedures After My Widowmaker Heart Attack

I promised to share the story of what I went through in the hospital after the widowmaker heart attack I experienced on July 24th. So, for those of you who might want to know what to expect with the related open heart surgery and stuff, here is my story.

I Had A Widowmaker Heart Attack And Lived: Widowmaker Heart Attack Symptoms

2 weeks ago I came very close to dying. I was alone at home and had a “Widowmaker Heart Attack,” also known as “The Big One.” I am sure most of you have heard of this type of heart attack. It’s the kind that Bob Harper from “The Biggest Loser” had [he survived] and it’s […]

Why Is It So D*mn Hard To Get Good Patient Care?

I think most of you reading this blog know about my heart issues over the past year. If not, and if you are interested, feel free to catch up here. The Cliff Notes version goes like this: At 41, I had a massive heart attack, almost went into cardiac arrest [a few shocks from the […]

Congratulations! I Graduated Cardiac Rehab

On Friday, I graduated Cardiac Rehab. For those of you unfamiliar with Cardiac Rehabilitation, it was a program that was offered to me after my heart surgery this summer. It was a 36 session rehabilitation program that I went to 3 times a week that involved exercising while hooked up to monitors. Trained nurses and […]

How PanaceaPGX Could Have Saved Me From Using Ineffective Prescription Medications

From our outward appearances right down to our DNA people are unique. So, it stands to reason that different medications might work differently for each person, right? Medical care is expensive but also necessary. For my money, I want the best medical care tailored to my individual needs that I can get. That is exactly […]

Unconventional Means To Motherhood: Breaking The Donor Egg Taboo

Many couples who have unsuccessfully tried to conceive a child through traditional intercourse find that they need medical intervention in order to achieve a healthy pregnancy. In the United States, 1.5% of all babies are conceived through the use of IVF. People hardly bat an eye about so-called ‘test-tube babies’ anymore, but other unconventional methods […]