5 Reasons Personalized Stationery Is The Perfect Gift

5 Reasons Personalized Stationery Is The Perfect Gift

In a world where texting and instant messaging are the preferred method of communication for most people, the idea of sending a handwritten note on personalized stationery might seem old-fashioned, and even a little odd.

5 Reasons Personalized Stationery Is The Perfect Gift

The fact is, though, that the handwritten note has never really gone out of style, and most of us are delighted to find an actual letter in the mailbox. And there are plenty of occasions where sending a real card is appropriate and much preferable to an electronic message. For those reasons alone, custom stationery is a must-have, but it also makes a great gift for just about anyone. If you’re struggling to figure out what to get the person who has everything, here are five reasons personalized stationery is always the perfect choice.

1. Most People Won’t Buy It Themselves
One of the most important rules of giving a thoughtful gift is to choose something that someone wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves. Although practical gifts have their place, the most meaningful gifts are usually those that you know the recipient would love, but not necessarily purchase for themselves. Personalized stationery falls into that category. Many people view it as something nice to have, but not something to splurge on themselves, making it a great gift.

2. Acknowledge Major Milestones
Customized stationery is ideal for acknowledging many of life’s biggest milestones. For example, a newly married couple will likely appreciate stationery with both names, recognizing their union, or a new bride will appreciate cards featuring her new name or monogram. Recent graduates can put professional stationery to use during their job search, while older adults may appreciate a more whimsical design to celebrate their retirement and shift to a more relaxed lifestyle. Even people who move into a new home will appreciate some cards featuring their new address. From name changes to life changes, custom stationery is always an appropriate gift.

3. It’s Thoughtful
Ordering personalized notecards or paper shows that you’ve put some thought into a gift, taking care to choose a style, font, and colors that reflect the recipient’s personality and preferences. Taking the time to select all of the elements of a stationery package shows you care and did more than simply select a premade package off the shelf. This isn’t to say that other gifts aren’t meaningful, but putting in the effort to select stationery is extra-thoughtful. Giving the gift of personalized stationery is also memorable. Every time the recipient sends a note using your gift, they’ll think of you, grateful you gave them such a thoughtful gift.

5 Reasons Personalized Stationery Is The Perfect Gift

4. It’s Useful
In terms of usefulness, it’s hard to beat personalized stationery. There are infinite uses for high-quality cards and letter paper, from sending thank-you notes and condolences to simply saying hello to a friend. Having cards on hand can also save time; there’s no need for the recipient to spend time and money purchasing cards to send with gifts, as a personalized card is appropriate for any occasion.

5. It’s Appropriate For Any Occasion Or Person
Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, a holiday, a bridal shower, or any other occasion, personalized stationery is always appropriate, no matter how old the person is. It’s also ideal for both men and women. Not only that, but custom printed stationery helps your loved one send a specific message about their personality. Etiquette expert Peggy Post notes that sending a handwritten letter on stationery says a lot about a person and the importance of the letter. Post says that the stationery that people use is much like the clothing they wear and can reflect their personality and send a clear message about the importance of the communication. Giving fine stationery as a gift tells the recipient that you think they are important and hold them in high esteem. Who doesn’t want to feel that way?

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons that giving the gift of personalized stationery is always a good idea. Quality stationery doesn’t have to be expensive, either. There are plenty of affordable options that are sure to delight your recipient – and they may even be more inclined to use the gift because they aren’t concerned to use something so “fancy” on a minor occasion. So, if you’re stumped what to get your college-aged niece or retiring co-worker for a gift, head to the stationery shop and choose something unique.

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