Why Is The Scalp The Key To Healthy Hair?

Why Is The Scalp The Key To Healthy Hair? | The New Classy

The scalp is where your body begins to grow healthy hair and keeping this as healthy as possible is key to ensuring that there is no long-lasting damage such as hair loss. However, some forms of hair loss are hereditary and can only be resolved by undergoing a hair transplant in Turkey. Though this is only for the most severe forms, this helps to implant hair from a donor area into the affected area and encourage it to grow, however, it is important to ensure that the scalp is healthy beforehand for the best possible results. In this article, we will be looking into why your scalp is the key to your dream hair.

It Controls Oil Productions

Much the same as the rest of your skin, the scalp can become oily. Not only will it lead your hair to become greasy, but pores can become clogged, meaning that nutrients from hair products will not seep into the scalp. To keep the scalp as healthy as possible, washing the hair twice a week with shampoo and massaging the scalp with help the hair to retain natural oils and keep the hair looking healthy.

It Can Build Up Dead Skin Cells

In addition to this, the scalp can build up dead skin cells, due to this, this can lead to the hair being starved of oxygen at the follicle. This will lead to the hair looking flat and lifeless as well as dry and damaged over time. The scalp is key to healthy hair as the dead skin cells can be removed through exfoliation. This will help to clear out the pores around the follicle and keep the hair looking healthy as it is able to breathe. However, it is important to be gentle if you are experiencing irritation as this can worsen the issue over time.

It is Affected By Stress

The scalp can also be affected by stress which in turn affects the health of your hair. Whether this is through lack of appetite or lack of sleep, the stresses of life can lead to the scalp becoming irritated. Though this is often as a result of other factors, this can lead to the hair becoming unhealthy over time and falling out. Therefore, it is important to care for the scalp and maintain a healthy hair care regime to ensure that the effect of stress on your hair is very minimal.

It Can Still get Acne

In addition to the scalp being affected by stress, it is also important to note that it can still get acne. If you are using dry shampoo excessively and are not cleaning the scalp, this can lead to uncomfortable acne on the scalp. During this time, it is important to identify your triggers and ensure that you enjoy them in moderation. Whether this is an allergic reaction to food or a hair product that you have used, this can all lead to the hair becoming damaged as well as acne forming around the follicle and causing long-lasting damage.

With this in mind, there are a number of reasons as to why your scalp is crucial to the health of your hair and with a number of ways to ensure its health regardless of the products that you are using. How will you look after your scalp this year?

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