Pest Proofing Your Home – How To Make Your Home The Fort Knox Against Pests

Pest Proofing Your Home - How To Make Your Home The Fort Knox Against Pests

Summer rocks! Let’s face it – there is nothing better then being able to go to the beach, having random picnics with the family out and about or even simply going for a nice scenic walk now and then. At least, I find it better than the dismal bliss of being entrapped in your home during the stormy Winter season.

Pest Proofing Your Home – How To Make Your Home The Fort Knox Against Pests

But that being said – Summer does have it’s downfalls. They always catch me out. In the middle of the night, when I hear that dreaded buzzing sound. Or the scurrying footsteps of unwanted house guests in the roofing.

It’s the worst feeling in the world.

So, with a bit of determination, and tons of reading I managed to find a pretty darn fool proof way to keep these unwanted critters out of my home. Through this article, I hope to leave you with some tips to help you make your home the new fort knox against pests.

So, are you ready to get into it?

It All Starts With A Moat Around Your Home

Pest Proofing Your Home - How To Make Your Home The Fort Knox Against Pests

Okay, so maybe digging up a moat is going a bit overboard (it technically would work though!).

But at the end of the day, all critters forage there way into your home from outside, right? So, it makes sense that your first point of defense is the perimeter of your home.

These little guys are really sneaky and unbelievingly witty when it comes to finding even the smallest cracks to slip into.

You want to go through your home and examine all points of entry – from shutters, right down to windows and potential basement doors. Make sure there are no cracks, or openings that these little guys can take advantage of.

If you have done all of this, but you still find the darn critters in your home – take a deep breath.

They could potentially be coming through your utility openings. Which is where pipes and wires are fed into your home. This is actually one of the more popular places for rodents to enter the premises.

You can use any of the below materials to seal your house up for good from these guys:

*Expandable Foam
*Steel Wool
*Copper Mesh

My suggestion is to invest that will protect your home in the long run. If you have something like a home warranty in the long run, it will be easier to replace parts in your home that could be open to pests and could save you money if you need a replacement on multiple things in your home.

We Know Just How Scary That Attic Can Be At Night

Pest Proofing Your Home - How To Make Your Home The Fort Knox Against Pests

As someone who is a fanatic for horror movies, the flurry of a bat wings in the middle of the night can leave me in cold sweats. Because I know I need to make my way up those dreaded stairs and into the attic.

I mean, what’s not creepy about an attic, right?

Personally, I made sealing my attic a priority because I hated it so much! In order to do this, what you want to do is invest some money into getting ¼-inch wire mesh. This should be installed in the crawl spaces, and entry points into the attic.

Which stops anything from bats, right down to rodents dead in there tracks – no poison needed.

If you decide to install this yourself, please make sure you wear gloves as it can be really sharp! Here is a guide to help you figure out how to install the mesh efficiently.

Landscaping May Not Be Your Best Friend – But Pests Sure Love It

Pest Proofing Your Home - How To Make Your Home The Fort Knox Against Pests

Ever seen the movie, “Jurassic World”?

Notice how the scariest animals lurk in the overgrowth?

That’s exactly why it is important to keep your bushes in order. Although, it may be the last thing you want to do – it keeps the basketball sized mosquitoes, and army of rodents out of your home. Failing to trim the bushes as it were – will slowly build into a heaven home for rodents, and unwanted guests.

You want to focus on trimming bushes and trees that surround the outside of your home, also – make sure that you keep a firm control over weeds that flourish in the yard as these can get out of control.

Of course, we all know how much mosquitos love stagnant water – which is why I strongly recommend investing into a pool cover for when it is not in use. The last thing you want is a breeding ground for mosquitoes in the backyard.

Here is a great article to help you find the best pool cover.

Don’t Leave Pest Food Lying Around

Pest Proofing Your Home - How To Make Your Home The Fort Knox Against Pests

We all do it now and then. Those few extra bits from the dog food, or the cat food that you assume your furry friend will take care of. The bird seeds that birds left over after they ravaged the meal you gave them.

All of these have one thing in common – pests absolutely love them!

Which is why it is better to be proactive and get rid of these tasty baits before it attracts guests you are trying to keep out of your home.

*This post contains collaborative content.

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