6 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Motorhome Vacation

6 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Motorhome Vacation

So, you’ve decided it’s time for an adventure, and you’ve decided to go by motorhome. You’ve made the right choice: travel by motorhome is popular because it combines comfort with flexibility and fun, not to mention affordability.

As it turns out, traveling by motorhome offers you many ways in which to save money. Here are 6 of them.

6 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Motorhome Vacation

1). Pick a Good Destination

This one’s easy: the choice of destination will determine a great deal about how affordable your trip is. If you choose a place that is more reasonably priced, you will save money compared with the overpriced tourist-trap kinds of destinations.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t visit New York City or Las Vegas if you’re really craving one of those destinations, however. Approach it with an eye toward understanding the kinds of costs that are typical – fuel, food, accommodations, etc. – and trying to find good bargains.

While choosing the right destination applies to some degree to any kind of vacation, in the case of a motorhome you still have some considerable cost-saving advantages – and that brings us to our next point.

2). Choose the Right Accommodations

There are two points here, the first being that because you’re traveling with a motorhome, you’re bringing your accommodations with you. All of the costs you would have otherwise incurred on hotels are gone, and you don’t even have to camp in tents with sleeping bags.

The second point is that you’ll still need to find somewhere to park the motorhome for the evening. Here’s where planning ahead can really save you: some campgrounds are much more affordable than others.

If you’re finding a lot of pricey campgrounds and RV parks, look into staying at a national park or other more budget-friendly site.

3). Choose the Right Camping Deals Club

One way to maximize the amount of money you save by choosing the right destination is to join a discount camping club. They have yearly premiums, but these are often quite low, and if you do any significant amount of RVing your membership will likely more than pay for itself with one trip.

When you look into discount camping clubs, be sure to investigate not only how much the annual premiums are, but also the size of the discounts, whether there are any limits on the days you can use the discounts, and the size of their network of affiliated parks.

If you plan carefully and choose the right camping club, this can be an important way to save money.

4). Choose the Right Time

The term “shoulder season” describes the off-season for popular tourist destinations.
Now, there’s usually a good reason that it’s not so popular a destination during this period of time. One common reason is the weather, in which case it might or might not be appealing.
However, another reason for shoulder seasons is that they simply aren’t good times for families to travel, or at least not to that particular area.

What this means for you is that if you’re less particular about the weather and have a bit more flexibility in your schedule, you may be able to experience one of these places at a time when few other people will be there. And, following the inescapable laws of supply and demand, you’ll benefit from cheaper accommodations!

5). Choose the Right Food

One of the most wonderful and exciting ways to save money on a motorhome vacation is by using the kitchen. In this context, the “right food” is at a minimum food you prepare in your RV kitchen as opposed to restaurant fare.

Think about the price difference between the kinds of food you’re likely to order at a restaurant, and the price of making that same food at home from scratch. Sure, the latter takes more time, but it’s the way to save money.

If you’re willing to plan your meals ahead of time, you can choose affordable, fun, relatively easy-to-prepare meals. Make enough food in one go, and you’ll have leftovers, meaning you won’t have to cook every meal.

6). Choose the Right Extended Service Plan

You’re going to want coverage in case your motorhome needs repairs – or rather, for when your motorhome needs repairs. Some people favor motorhome warranties, but a much better option is a motorhome extended service plan.

Extended service plans have a number of options that make them vastly preferable to a typical warranty. They provide extensive and broad insurance coverage, meaning that you’re covered no matter what part of your motorhome needs repair.

They also allow you to get repairs made at any service center, rather than limiting you to a network of service centers or dealerships. There’s also the option of free multipoint inspections at service centers as often as you want.

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