8 Awesome Tips To Help Your Dog Relax After A Long Day

8 Awesome Tips to Help Your Dog Relax After a Long Day

Dogs are lively little balls of energy, and they tend to always overexert when they are outside with other animal friends. In their eyes, there is a wide world to explore, and they need to cover every inch and corner to make sure there’s nothing missed out. They’ll also make lots of new friends, some by biting and sniffing. Though it may be unpleasant to us humans, it’s just a dog thing.

8 Awesome Tips to Help Your Dog Relax After a Long Day

After a long day of outside play and making new friends, your fur buddy would most likely be tired. So what should you do when your dogs get tired or stressed? Similar to humans, they could get cranky and lethargic when they are exhausted, and this may affect their health as well. Here we list down a few things to try to help you and your pup relax. Keep in mind though that if they still show signs of being lethargic after a good rest and feeding schedule, you should consider going to a doctor and have them check your pup for underlying sickness.

Relax your pup—and yourself too!—with these tips:

1. Put their feet up, and yours, like you don’t care. Dogs find relief in raising their legs up, and sometimes it will work for humans as well. So stretch their limbs, have them roll around, and maybe stretch that back. Your doggy friend will love you for giving their paws rest from the pressures of a long fun day. Maybe a small chew toy while they relax their legs will make them feel entertained while stretching. Once you’ve helped them relax their legs and paws, go ahead and put your feet up too.

2. Let them snack their heart out. Who doesn’t love snacking? Sit down with your pup and feed them a delicious bag of treats after being a good baby all day—and perhaps a small reward for the pawrent as well. Snacking with your favorite animal in the world is certainly a great way to bond with them. Go for organic treats for a more healthy option.

3. Let them nap. Naps have their own therapeutic magic as well. Letting your doggo invest in a couple of minutes to an hour of nap time can help refresh their senses and give them a boost of energy. Napping can also help your dog calm down. Afterward, Fido will be energetic enough to go do more fun activities! Besides, who doesn’t want a long comfy nap after a jam-packed day?

4. Give them a warm bubble bath. Revitalize your doggy friend by giving them a nice warm bubble bath. Get some bath toys as well to make it a fun experience for both of you. Try massaging their muscles while they bathe, especially their paws, which will most likely be tired from running all day. Having a nice massage, warm and bubbly bath, and a fun toy to entertain themselves with is certainly a nice way to end the day for your dog.

5. Do movie nights. Who said these are only for people? Your pup might not show it, but they love watching movies too. There’s a wide selection of movies for dogs and dog-lovers, and it can either make you laugh or cry, or maybe both. A movie night after a long day is a great way to destress and a way to enjoy your fave shows without being judged. Take that dusty collection off the shelf and finally enjoy the cartoon series you love, and who knows, your pup might love it too!

6. Find a new hobby. Are you interested in painting? Or do you want to try out some cooking hacks you’ve seen lately? You and your pup can enjoy a new hobby together, and it’s a great way to forget about your worries and theirs. With a new hobby, you can now spend time with your pup without getting bored. There’s always something new you can learn together with them!

7. Give more massages. Like humans, dogs also enjoy a nice massage too! They want to lie down, relax, and enjoy the sensation of you nimble fingers going through their fur. If they’ve spent the entire day outside and running to their heart’s content, their muscles will most certainly benefit from a massage, which will help them relax. Dogs especially like being scratched behind the ears, and let’s not forget the classic belly rubs!

8. Do a bit of yoga. Yes, you read it right. Yoga is known for its physical, mental, and emotional benefits for humans, but it can help dogs too! They can join you in your yoga sessions and enjoy the relaxation it provides. While obviously there are poses your dog can’t do, try doing some poses like downward dog and upward dog so they can copy you movements. It’s actually great for the back!

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