6 Things You Need To Host A Family Movie Night Outside

6 Things You Need To Host A Family Movie Night Outside

It’s been so hot here in North Carolina the past few days. So when the night rolls around and cools things off a bit, it’s so refreshing, don’t you think? Cool summer nights are the perfect time to hang outside around the firepit enjoying s’mores with the family, or to wrap up in a cover and watch a movie.

6 Things You Need To Host A Family Movie Night Outside

6 Things You Need To Host A Family Movie Night Outside

Bug Spray – Nothing ruins a family movie night outside faster than a bunch of biting bugs. Keep them at bay with a liberal coating of bug spray before the movie begins.

Hot Cocoa – I think hot cocoa is a staple for kids and movies so it might not have even needed listing. But I listed it just in case. If your child is allergic to chocolate or just doesn’t like it, you could give them some juice or another favorite drink.

Don’t Forget The Snacks – Personal favorites of mine for a family movie night outside are s’mores and popcorn. I mean, who watches movies without a snack? Am I right? You could also give popcicles but make sure to take them from the children if they fall asleep or you will have a big, sticky mess to clean up. Same goes for the s’mores.

Seating – I am calling this set of items you need “seating” because, even though you don’t necessarily sit on all of them, they all help you be more comfortable as you sit. These items would include blankets, pillows, air mattresses, chairs, etc.

A Great Movie – This can be a tricky one. Who gets to choose? If this is going to be your summer “thing,” you might want to take turns choosing the movie. Otherwise, if you can’t come to a decision together, I recommend drawing a name out of a hat for who gets to choose the movie.

6 Things You Need To Host A Family Movie Night Outside

An Outdoor TV – Since you can never be sure what the weather is going to be, you want to make sure that the TV that you choose is waterproof. With a direct-lit 4K UHD screen with HDR standard, the Veranda Series of SunBriteTVs from Best Buy are just what you need. Designed specifically for outdoor use, they are engineered to survive just about any climate in North America, resisting the harsh effects of rain, snow, dust, insects, and extreme temperatures.

Available in 43”, 55”, 65” and 75” sizes and designed for full-shade outdoor spaces, like covered patios and screened-in porches, they are more durable and safer to use outdoors than dragging your indoor TV outside – not to mention far more convenient. Imagine breaking your TV hauling it outside! Gasp!

What else do you need for a family movie night outside? Did I miss something? Be sure to let me know in the comments.

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