Are There Limitations To What A Facelift Can Achieve?

Are There Limitations To What A Facelift Can Achieve?

The day-to-day life of single parents (mom & dads alike) can be a stressful one. Caring for your little one and providing, maintaining composure at work, it all takes a toll on us. Evident by our hair, posture, and most noticeable of all — our face.

Facelift: What It Can Achieve

If you’re like many of those affected, you probably want to reverse the signs of aging that parenthood has given you. Makeover T.V. shows or simple word-of-mouth probably influenced you into undergoing a facelift, all for good reason. A facelift can change many things about your appearance and perception, and when performed at the highest degree, it can give you natural results, turning the years back. Still, some wonder if there are limitations to what a lift can achieve. We’ll dive into the “if’s, and’s, & but’s” to give you the best look into the depths you can achieve with this surgical procedure.

Are There Limitations To A Facelift?

The overall answer to the limitations of a facelift is that your whole face cannot be changed with the surgery itself. Since it impacts the lower third part of the face and neck, the upper face cannot be changed with this exact procedure. In other words, a facelift won’t address the eyebrows, forehead, eyelids, and nose. However, these areas can be treated with other procedures.

So while there are limitations to a facelift, there are no limitations to what can be done to your face to change your appearance. We’ve all seen photos of people that take lifts and surgery too far, so it’s always important to consult with your physician before deciding to do any cosmetic procedure. Your health is ours and your number one concern. Drastically changing your appearance can be a life-changing event so there is a lot that goes into the thought behind there is an actual limit on the changes one can do to their face. This procedure will not change the entire look of the face either. It will improve the feel and look of the skin, but it will not make you look like an entirely different person.

The Decision

Looking in the mirror to a face with sagging skin and a double chin scares many people. Deep creases and lines make many people feel older and less confident. This procedure isn’t something that follows the movie stereotype of stretching your skin until it makes you look like a scary cartoon monster. It’s more about a natural result using high technological advances in surgery to lift and tone the bottom part of the face. Experts turn the elasticity of the skin back as many years as possible without being too invasive. It’s about turning back the years without seeing that drooping, sagging face in the mirror.

Say Bye To Yesterday’s Surgery

Yesterday’s scary surgery isn’t today’s less invasive surgery. NYC facelift expert Dr. Andrew Jacono works to dissect under the deep tissues without separating the skin using deep plane techniques. He wants to make the face as natural looking as possible without distorting the skin. He can tighten the skin by holding tissues up without separation, so recovery is tubing-free.

Again, limitations are in question as one might wonder just how natural a face can look with any pulling. Dr. Jacono uses different variations of his plane technique by dissecting more or less of the skin depending on the condition. The hopes of using these techniques are that the results are not only natural but the recovery is shorter. This means scars heal faster, results last longer and there is improved circulation to the face.

Recovery And What To Expect

The recovery of this cosmetic procedure is minimal. You can leave the same day of your operation. You will have follow-up visits to ensure your health is well and you are happy with the results. Lifting the skin on the face will change the look forever. This is a permanent procedure.

If you’re looking for something to reduce lines and wrinkles, there are other options. Things like chemical peels and laser treatments can improve the texture of the skin. Injectable treatments such as fillers can help to reduce fine lines. These are all options that are not permanent. They also have limitations because they don’t last forever.

A surgical procedure to lift and improve the skin will last forever. Most patients are happy with the results. Though you will probably not need another facelift in life, regular aging is expected. Proper skin care involving sunscreen, nutrition, and overall skincare routines are still important to one’s overall health and exterior look.


There is no cosmetic procedure that can stop aging. The biggest limit to any plastic surgery is that it cannot change the texture or type of skin on a patient. A facelift will help you look and feel younger, and droopy skin and sagging jowls will no longer be an issue. Your surgeon will tuck scars away, leaving you with a natural, beautiful face. It’s up to each person and their doctor to decide if the surgery is right for them. If this is something that interests you, contact Dr. Andrew Jacono of the New York Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery.

Dr. Jacono has been listed in various publications and has many academic achievements under his name. He is always ranked amongst the top surgeons in New York and recipient of the Patients’ Choice award. Dr. Jacono performs cosmetic procedures, such as facelifts in the NYC area.

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