Tips For Keeping Pests Out Of Your Home This Spring

Tips For Keeping Pests Out Of Your Home This Spring

The arrival of spring brings warm weather, blooming flowers, outside picnics, warm temperatures, and sometimes the invasion of pests. When the temperatures increase and you start to go in and out of the house more, you are opening up your house to insects. To keep your house free from pests, you should contact a reliable pest control company like Moxie Pest Control. They will answer the questions you might have. You can find them online at They can help walk you through the necessary steps to prevent your house from being invaded by pests.

Tips For Keeping Pests Out Of Your Home This Spring

What Pests Should You Look Out For?

Ants: Ants are a common problem for many people during the spring season. When the temperatures increase, the ants move in to search for food. The may invade your garden or even your home if you do not take the necessary precautions to keep them out. You can contact a pest control company or even try some home remedies. For example, vinegar, cucumber peels, and cayenne pepper can help keep ants out of your home and garden.

Mosquitos: Spring tends to be the wettest season of them all and these heavy rains bring damp conditions and a lot of mosquitos. The mosquitos invade our outdoor spaces but when we start to open our doors and windows the mosquitos are sure to find their way into our homes.

Flies: Flies can infest your spring outdoor picnics and find their way into your homes. They land on your food and swim in your drinks. Flies mature in early spring and move to areas where they can find food, which is most likely around humans.

Spiders: Spiders, to most people, are creepy crawly eight-legged insects. The majority of people would do anything to get rid of them. Spiders become very active in the spring because they are on the lookout for food. As other insect populations rise during the warm spring weather, spiders have more food to choose from and are busy eating.

Bees and Wasps: These flying, stinging insects, along with others like yellow jackets and more, are a huge problem for many families during the spring and other warm months. Families tend to go outside more, go on picnics, play outside, travel, and garden. Many people typically drink soft drinks outside and eat food with sugar on nice, warm days. Many children enjoy Popsicles and as a result, many of them encounter bees. A bee sting is always an unwanted event and can be very painful. It is important to talk to a professional about what you can do to limit your exposure to bees. If you happen to find a nest, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional before trying to handle it on your own.

How To Stop Pests From Entering Your Home

It may sound easy to stop mosquitos from getting into your home, however, we have all experienced unwanted insects in our home no matter how hard we try to keep them out. Whether you live on a farm or in the middle of a city you are sure to experience unwanted pests. In order to keep pests out of your home make sure your screens do not have any holes in them. Doing a quick check before the warm weather starts can save you the trouble of trying to get these insects out of your house. Try to make sure the door stays closed as much as possible to reduce the number of chances a bug has to enter your home. For instance, if you plan on playing outside stay outside for a while. Try not to come in over and over again. Fill a cooler with some drinks and food so that you do not have to come in for water or snacks over and over again. Since people do tend to spend a lot of time outside, try to clean up your drink and food wrappers as soon as you are finished with them. This will prevent pests from hovering around your house and trying to find food.

When To Contact A Pest Control Company

Some people may try home remedies to remove insects from their homes, and there are a lot to try, but if they do not work, it is important to contact a pest control company to handle the problem before it gets out of control. Pest control companies regularly consult with entomologists to learn about the best chemicals to use when dealing with insects. They can spray your home and recommend how frequently they need to come back. They can also inspect your home to see how the insects are getting in. This can help to ensure the bugs stay out year after year.

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