Help Me! I Am In An Exercise Rut!

Help Me! I Am In An Exercise Rut!

Ok, so I was really busting my butt in the gym. For like 5 or 6 months after my open heart surgery, I was in the gym. A lot. First I started with cardiac rehabilitation, then I added in a gym membership, and eventually I had gotten to where I was working out 6 or 7 days a week. I lost a lot of weight and I could really start to tell a difference in my body’s shape and muscle tone. But then February came.

Help Me! I Am In An Exercise Rut!

With February came bad weather. Rain, rain, rain. And more rain. Did I mention rain? And a sinus infection. Ugh. So, basically, I had a bunch of excuses to get out of exercising. And I used them. It’s all fun and games in January when everyone is working out, then February hits, people drop off, and inspiration can slowly go out the window. So, I ended up working out like half of what I had built up to in previous months in February. HALF, people! Now it’s March, I’ve done NOTHING and I need to turn this train around. Fast. Before I lose every bit of the progress that I had made.

Help Me! I Am In An Exercise Rut!

I felt I needed some encouragement, so I went looking for it. That is one thing that I love so much about the Yes.Fit group on Facebook. I meeded help. I asked for it. I got it.

I have earned 12 Yes.Fit virtual race medals so far. I have them currently displayed on the towel rack in my bathroom. I wanted to put them in a place that I would see them often enough to keep them [and my health and exercise routine] always on my mind. Also, guests will see them and remind me of my goals, and perhaps be inspired to make their own exercise plan of action, as well.

Help Me! I Am In An Exercise Rut!

I didn’t update you guys in February, so I will be posting twice this month to hold myself accountable. Just like Parmalee says, “It’s time to get back in the game.” So if, like me, you are feeling a bit discouraged, remember, every day is a brand new day, another chance to reach your goals. I am only a few miles away from finishing Sleeping Beauty so I am getting back into the gym tomorrow and doing just that. I need another green envelope in my life.

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