What You Need To Know Before Bringing A Pet To Australia

What You Need To Know Before Bringing A Pet To Australia

Are you planning to relocate to Australia and want to bring your pet with you? Well, if the answer is yes, there are many things you need to know about moving with your pet, long before you book your tickets.

What You Need To Know Before Bringing A Pet To Australia

About Your Origin Country

Moving with your four-legged friend to Australia can be an overwhelming process, but it’s doable. There are a set of rules and regulations that you need to carry out before your trip to ensure that your pet will be accepted into the country.

However, the rules depend on where you come from. For example, if you’re relocating from New Zealand, you only need to have like a month to plan for your trip to Australia, and your pet doesn’t have to stay in the quarantine center when you land in the country. However, any cat/dog coming from the rest of the world will need to be placed in quarantine. It also takes much more time to get through with all the requirements when you are from other countries.

Beginning The Process

To import your dog/cat into Australia, you need to ensure your pet has a microchip. Then get it tested for rabies as well as other infections before vaccinating it against various diseases. The pet will also need to be treated against internal and external parasites. The veterinarian in charge must be accredited. You should also note that according to Australia’s pet import regulations, some breeds aren’t allowed into the country. Therefore, be sure to tell whether yours is amongst them or not.

Flying Your Pet

Pets aren’t allowed to travel in the cabin. So, be sure to part ways with your lovely friend before the flight. Furthermore, your dog/cat will need to go as cargo inside an approved flight kennel. Train your pet to be in a crate in advance to reduce the anxiety that it might have. Carry all the necessary documents and health information of your dog/cat with you to the airport.

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