A Face For Every Kind Of Weather

A Face For Every Kind Of Weather

Looking good is almost always treated in the sense that you are to look your best and most attractive in case you meet someone you might want to know a bit more, when you’re going out for a night on the town or when you’re having an event at work. It doesn’t have to be in this narrow prism, beauty doesn’t have to be put into a small corner for things like this. Looking your best while in various circumstances is perhaps a challenge that we often overlook. When it’s pouring down with rain, looking your most youthful is not on your list of priorities. When snow and ice are covering the city, your skin is going to be a bit bloodshot and perhaps a little more bold in color. Your eyes might be weary and tired after a day of hail and harsh winds. Why is it that we don’t care for these kinds of scenarios and only when the weather is absolutely perfect? There’s an outfit for every season and all kinds of weather. So why can’t this be true for your face too?

A Face For Every Kind Of Weather


The Problem With A Chill

Cold nights and cold mornings are one in the same. Both have an adverse effect on our face. The face has so many openings to the body, such as the ears, nose, eyes and mouth. All of these are regularly attacked by a chill. Our lips get chapped and look like a strange jigsaw puzzle. Our eyes become red and dry, causing us to scratch them more. And of course, we wipe away any makeup you put on when you blow your stuffy nose. So how could you look your best when the elements simply don’t want you too? Firstly, you have to understand that cold weather is a lot like hot weather when concerning our skin. It gets dry and itching.

Use coconut oil on your face rather than other rejuvenating products or substances. Creams dry up quickly, while thicker products like ointments will just sit on top of your skin and not sink in. why does this happen? The cold causes our skin to close our pores, so there’s no way for a thick substance like an ointment to penetrate down. However a silky oil made out of coconut flesh that’s been ground up into a fine liquid, is a brilliant choice for your skin. It’s best to apply a coconut oil with plenty of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). These are fatty acids that first of all metabolize quickly in the skin, and then plump out all your kinks and crevices. When getting out of the shower, this is when you should use this kind of product.

Giving Some Heatwave Help

In the summer months and on any very hot day really, your skin will begin a slow and irritating process of cracking apart. Quite literally, the skin will begin to dry up and tear itself apart. Have you ever seen the floor of a desert pond slowly dry? The ground begins to crack and then you have very deep and wide fissures with small pieces of land in between. This is what continually happens to your skin when the sun is shining extremely bright and hot. There are more levels to healing your skin on hotter days, than when it’s cold so pay attention.

Firstly you need to make sure you have a very strong but thin protective layer. This can be in the form of a hyaluronic acid serum in it. You might be thinking, what is hyaluronic acid? Found in 1934, this acid plumps up the skin, lifting and hydrating small imperfections and creating one smooth consistent layer. It’s also used for anti-aging treatments so this should tell you what it’s all about.

After this thin layer, next you will need to have an even thinner layer which is used to protect the first. This can be in the way of a very thin oil that has vitamin E in it. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Moisturiser is a great second layer product because it’s very light, thin and is recommended for very light touches around the face rather than big globs of it.

Thirdly and lastly, now you can put on your main outer layer of protection that can be a medium-thick cream, ointment or perhaps a combination. Allow each layer to dry before putting the next one on. This allows each of them to sink into your skin and provide the protection and glow you want.

Bracing For The Wind

A fast wind can fool our skin sometimes. It can make us feel as if a cold chill is coming which forces our skin to react and close up. Actually, a wind itself isn’t hot or cold, it’s the speed of the air molecules that affect our skin so you shouldn’t be too harsh in your protective remedies for your skin. The wind can in fact make our skin dry out quicker, because the sudden changes in temperature. The gusts can slowly strip away your makeup as well as your hydrating formulas.

First to make sure your skin is constantly replenishing itself with new rounds of hydration, drink a lot of water throughout the day. Rather than a juice drink or fizzy pop, drink a tall glass or bottle full of water instead. Sometimes the most basic rules of thumb often work out the best. When you have or are doing this, use a cleansing oil that will do away with all the dirt and grit in your skin. This will help any product you use to stick onto your skin better. A strong but natural treatment for your face in windy weather is to use a product with plenty of Aloe Vera in it. This plant-based solution is brilliant as it’s a balance of acid and alkaline. Alkaline helps the complexion of your skin, while acid will stretch and tort your skin to make it smooth.

Tips For A Rainy Day

First of all, go light on your makeup. The rain doesn’t care what kind of state of the art eyeliner or mascara you’re wearing, just use less of it. The water will eventually sink into your skin and overtime, your foundation and base will erode away. This won’t look so bad on your if you don’t have a ton of makeup on your face anyway. Otherwise you might look like a rather sad clown if do wear your normal amount of makeup. Any makeup that you do use, make sure to blend it in properly. Spread it thinly but do so in a few layers. Even a light drizzle can make short work of layers that are standing on top of each other.

Using a skin toner rather than a powder finish, your cheeks will also look more natural and in line with the tone of your neck and ears.

Watch out for the humid weather, as when the rain is all over with the next thing you will need to deal with his muggy air. The humidity will slowly melt your makeup layers, rather than lash away at them. This is why you shouldn’t wear powder foundations in the rain as it can get a little cakey. Using a fine oil foundation is a lot better as the silkiness will help to shake off some of the muggy water-filled air.

Sun Out And Cool Breeze

What do you do on a normal day, or rather a brilliant day when the sun is out but there’s also a cool breeze? Since the temperature is so much more stable, how about the au naturelle look instead? Using just some simple hydrating products and allowing your own skin to shine through is something to consider. Our normal skin can look incredible if we just take care of it and apply minimal makeup for most days of the week. For example, you might want to use a kiwi moisturizer as it has plenty of acidic formula to stretch your skin tightly. However, it also should be mixed with a honey or milk product that can be absorbed in your skin to look more bold and filled out.

Keep all of these products handy with you, as they can be reapplied throughout the day over and over without overloading your skin. Just remember to also pack some light sunblock as the cool breeze doesn’t fight against the hot searing rays of the sun all the time. It’s nice to look how you normally are on days like this. There’s not much in the way of harsh weather to fight your skin but you must also be careful of how you take care of your face too.

Our face, faces all kinds of challenges during different kinds of weather. The cold weather is much like hot weather, because our skin slowly begins to crack open. Use a product such as coconut oil that has MCT, so your skin can keep the moisture in despite a bitter chill. On hot days you need to carry out a 3 layer routine so you’re always protected no matter what. it’s easier to just keep natural on days where the elements are not fighting against your skin.

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