Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Personalized Gifts For Dad

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Personalized Gifts For Dad

Buying gifts for our fathers can be tricky business. Sometimes we feel as though we are really drawing a blank when trying to figure out what to buy. As such, we usually wind up opting for the trusted dad-friendly classics – bottles of liquor, a new pair of socks, some cologne, etc. Our fathers may exclaim in glee and thank us for the gifts we buy them, but deep down we know that nobody is THAT excited about receiving the same bottle of whiskey every Christmas for five years in a row!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Personalized Gifts For Dad

If you want to gift your father something unique, thoughtful and personalized this year, we have drawn up some suggestions that would be absolutely perfect for birthdays, Christmas and father’s day.

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Personalized Gifts For Dad

Personalized Leather Wallets

As far as buying someone a personalized leather wallet as a gift goes, it doesn’t get much better than a personalized leather wallet. We all know what most men are like; they have the same wallet that they have been using for the last five or ten years. It’s tattered, there are holes where the coins fall out and it looks like it’s been through the washer 4,560 times but they never replace it. A new, swanky leather wallet is always something that is going to be appreciated. This is a great gift for your dad that he will definitely get a lot of use out of. The best part? You can personalize such wallets by having your father’s initials engraved into the side.

Swanky Barware/Glassware

Whether at the end of a long week or only on special occasions, most of us enjoy a tipple or two every now and then. Our father’s are generally no different on this. If your father imagines himself as something of a connoisseur of whiskey, and his dining room cabinet is filled with an array of whiskies from across the globe, then a whiskey decanter may well be the perfect gift. Not just any whisky decanter though, one with his initials added to the corner in an elegant, swirling font. Such a gift is sure to take pride of place in the cabinet and will be the talking point every time people head to his place for dinner.

Personalized glasses and tumblers are a nice alternative gift. You could provide your father with a set of nice glasses, or even give them to him in an accompaniment of decanters.

An Elegant Cigar Box

Many people who don’t smoke regularly enjoy the pleasure of a cigar every now and then. There is something exotic and luxurious about lighting up an expensive cigar as a treat to celebrate a special occasion, a professional accomplishment, or some other kind of personal achievement. If your father falls into the category of men who enjoy this, a personalized cigar box makes a nice little treat. Why let your father keep his fancy cigars stored in some bland old tin or in his desk drawer, when instead they can be neatly stacked inside a decadent oak or mahogany cigar box? For a thoughtful and personal touch, purchase the box from a place that will have his initials carved into the side.

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Personalized Gifts For Dad

Personalized Watches

A gift that is personal and made specifically for you is always something that people are going to treasure and appreciate. Such an item shows that a lot of thought and consideration has gone into the purchase. While everyone loves a luxury watch items, they have an added level of appreciation for a watch that has been created especially for them as a bespoke item. Personalized watches can feature initials, full names, or entire messages that are printed along the back of the wrist strap.

A Silly Personalized Card

Sometimes, people hear personalization and assume that it is going to equal something tacky. Personalization doesn’t have to mean bold, tacky mugs and keyrings, as we have clearly demonstrated by the other suggestions on this list. That said, sometimes it is funny to err on the side of outrageously tacky, especially if you are doing it as a joke.

Perhaps you have already bought your dad a nice sweater or a leather wallet and you want to send a card as an accompaniment. Consider crafting one with hilarious photos of Dad in his younger days, or on occasions where he had a few too many beverages. Comedy mugs are another alternative that will make him smile every time he brews his morning coffee.

Canvas Photo Prints

Buying a personalized gift does not have to be restricted purely to items that display a person’s name and initials. Instead, they can be things like photo albums and photo prints. In this category, canvas photo prints are a wonderful gift idea. Opt to have a wonderful family portrait printed onto a canvas, or a lovely snap of you and dad on a family vacation years ago. Such an item is sure to take pride of place in your father’s living or dining room.

There are infinite options for personalizing gifts, especially where accessories and homeware items are concerned. The “best” personalized gift to buy no doubt depends on your father and his specific interests, but many great items are just a few clicks away online.

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