Graduate Job Options In Law And Enforcement

Graduate Job Options In Law And Enforcement

Have you decided that you would like to work in law and enforcement? If so, you have a broad range of careers available to you, covering both the private and the public sector. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at some of these career options in further detail to give you a better understanding.

Graduate Job Options In Law And Enforcement


Trading Standards Officer (TSOs)

Working in the law and enforcement sector is not just about catching murderers and thieves. There are lots of other jobs, which is why we are going to start with a trading standards officer. This is an individual that enforces rules regarding the hiring, selling, and buying of goods and services. Most trading standards officers will work for the local council or authority. You will be involved in areas of consumer law, as well as the detection and prosecution of offences, and prevention of these offenses. You may need to investigate and carry out checks on different businesses and individuals.

Police Officer

Of course, one of the most popular jobs in law enforcement is that of being a police officer. If you are interested in police studies, your job will be to prevent anti-social behaviour and crime, protect the public and their property, and generally maintain law and order. You will be working with lots of different people to provide help in terms of lowering crime as well as giving advice to those who have been impacted by it. Your day-to-day job will involve giving evidence in court, preparing crime reports, taking statements, responding to emergency calls, and conducting patrols.

Intelligent Analyst

Another option to consider is studying to become an intelligence officer or analyst. This is someone who will be tasked with helping to protect economic wellbeing and security across the nation. You will also be involved in detecting serious organised crime. In most cases, you will be working for one of the secret services departments in your country, or you could work in the armed forces. Your typical activities will include liaising with other colleagues, delivering formal presentations and reports, evaluating the reliability of sources, collating and validating intelligence information, and identifying potential agents and targets.

Health And Safety Inspector

This is the final job in law enforcement we are going to take a look at. You will usually work for the local authority or the health and safety executive. It will be your job to make sure that employers all around the country are complying with the health and safety regulations that are in place so that deaths, injuries, and ill health is reduced.

So there you have it: some of the different career options available today for those who want to work in the law and enforcement sector. If you like the sound of any of the jobs that have been mentioned above, it is certainly worth exploring them further so that you can expertly plot your career path. Good luck!

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