Have You Already Ditched Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Have You Already Ditched Your New Year's Resolutions?Cheap Is The New Classy

Be honest. How many of you have already ditched your New Year’s Resolutions? Last year I made a resolution to end the year in better shape than I started – and I did that. I am still not to my goal weight but I am way closer to being at my goal weight than I am to being at my heaviest weight. I definitely consider that a win. I am hoping that this year I meet my goal weight.

Have You Already Ditched Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Last month I told you about my joining Yes.Fit. This is a virtual race community where you choose races to compete in at your own pace, doing whatever exercise that you can track miles on. You can even crawl, if that’s your jam! My knees say “um no!” on that one but maybe it’s your thing. I am all about the spin bike, the elliptical and the rowing machine. I also do not care for the treadmill [boooooring], but my gym has a really nice padded track that I have started walking 5Ks on 3 times a week. I can currently complete a 5K in about 50 minutes. Once I get that time up to around 45 minutes, I will then move the show outside and see how hills and wind resistance and such affect my time. Once I again get to 45 minutes, then I will start participating in live 5Ks. I don’t care about winning. I just care about finishing. Goals. 😉

At the time of the previously mentioned post, I think I had finished one Yes.Fit virtual race. Now I have finished 10 and have started on my 11th one. The races vary in length, with most of them that I have chosen to participate in being around 30 miles. However, I did complete a few really long races, one of which was 105 miles! I am starting on one in a few days that is over 150 miles!

I am a person who is highly motivated by rewards and looking at my medals keeps me excited about continuing to push myself to complete more races. If you, like me, are trying to reach your goal weight, exercise can really help you on the journey. If you are having a hard time meeting your New Year’s Resolutions, don’t give up just yet. Sign up at Yes.Fit and complete a virtual race with me and I will do my best to inspire or motivate you in any way that I can. Let’s get healthy!

Join a race with me and be sure to use this code to save money on your first race —–> NWTx1f20

Have You Already Ditched Your New Year's Resolutions?

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