Education As An Adult: What You Should Know

Education As An Adult: What You Should Know

Are you thinking of going back to school as an adult? Millions of adults are going back to school every year, and although the tools have changed, along with other elements of the learning experience, around 40 percent of college students in the United States are 25 or older. This is great news for more mature learners who want to learn new things and develop new skills (without being surrounded by children).

However, before you sign up to go back into education as an adult, there are a few things you should know. Read on to find out what you need to know and go back into education with confidence:

You Don’t Have To Re-Learn Something You Already Know

Great news! You don’t have to start all over again – you certainly don’t have to re-learn something that you already know. There are options, like the prior learning assessment (PLA), that provide students with ways to transfer knowledge and competencies into equivalent course credit. This allows mature students to save money and expedite the degree process. You won’t have to spend years and years training, and you may have finished your course sooner than you thought possible.

You Can Often Get Help With Finances

If you’re worried that this is going to cost a fortune, don’t worry a second longer. Around 61 percent of U.S. organizations offer a tuition assistance benefit. This means you could speak with your employer to find out how to take advantage of tuition assistance if you feel you may be eligible or it sounds right to you.Many organizations are now keen on continuing the education of their workforce, as it benefits them just as much as the employee.

Alternatively, there may be another way you can get help with your fees. Bear in mind that the various types of courses out there may not be created equally, which is why it’s important to do your research and know what you’ll be learning and what you’ll receive when the course is over first. Never select a course based on price alone.

You Can Find A More Flexible Degree Option

Good news for those who have lots of things going on in their life. You can find a more flexible degree option, allowing you to balance work, family, and learning all at once! Many options can now be completed online, including the online masters in computer engineering – but you’ll be able to find a course that is more than suitable for your needs and where you are hoping to go. Look into things like hybrid courses and night/weekend classes too so that you find something appropriate. You don’t always have to go back to a physical campus to get a qualification and learn something new.

You Can Improve Your Career Prospects

By going back to education, you can greatly improve your career prospects. It’ll allow you to stay up to date with certain industries, as things change so quickly these days. You may also learn more about how to understand issues surrounding things such as race, gender, sexuality and religion, allowing for a more harmonious workplace and society overall. These things can cause tensions in the workplace if not taught and understood.

The job landscape is changing rapidly. Positions such as checkout assistants are already on their way out, and higher education options for adults give you the option to retrain quickly and efficiently. If you feel like you want to embark on a new path or you simply want to improve your prospects for the future, then it could be a good idea for you to go back into education.

Education Could Help You To Stay Busy Socially

This might not be something you have even considered, but those who open themselves up to new learning experiences can often find themselves with new social opportunities, too. Learning something new can bring a level of interest to your life, and you may find yourself meeting people with similar interests before long. This can mean creating new, healthy friendships and developing a richer social life as a result. This is why many adults benefit from higher learning – you never know what connections you stand to make and how you can benefit one another in the future. Be kind to everybody you meet, and remember, this could be a fantastic networking opportunity!

You Could Improve Your Creativity

The fantastic thing about going back into education, is that you could actually improve your creative muscles by doing so. The more you know, the more creative you can stand to be, as you will find yourself coming up with more creative solutions to problems and having to use your creativity more often. You’ll find you are able to express yourself in a more creative way the more you know, and this stands to give you a better sense of purpose. The other benefits of being more creative include reducing stress and anxiety. Being able to manage stress and anxiety is a must when you’re trying to balance things like work/life/learning!

Education As An Adult: What You Should Know

You’ll Set A Great Example

Education shouldn’t end the minute teens graduate, and by going back into education yourself, you never know who you might be inspiring. You’ll show others that learning should be a constant part of life. By refusing to learn anymore after school, we can easily stagnate and get into a stuck mindset rather than a growth mindset. Those in a healthy growth mindset tend to have better lives; they do more exciting things, meet more exciting people, develop awesome skills, and generally live a life worth talking about!

You’ll Be Doing Good For The Economy

Want to do more for the economy? Then learn! The more educated and productive people we have in the country, the better the economy will be. People who have a good education are more fit to deal with the country’s problems, and in a better position to develop creative solutions to problems they encounter. Along with this, a more educated person has more chance of finding work, and this will benefit the economy by reducing pressure on the benefits system. The lower the unemployment rate is in any given area, the more money the country has to invest in other things. You will literally be making your country a better place just by bettering yourself!

You Can Stay Engaged And Improve Your Well-Being

Staying engaged as an adult and finding ways to improve your wellbeing can be tough, but challenging yourself with a new course or workshop can do exactly that. Presenting yourself with a new challenge can be scary but a lot of fun. You will also expand your worldview, which is great for the soul and for future experiences!

You Won’t Be The Only Adult

No matter what your scared ego tells you, you won’t be the only adult on your course. There is no such thing as a traditional student these days, what with all of the people who are grabbing their second chance with both hands and doing their best to better themselves. You’ll find people of all ages on your course, but of course, if this is something you’re truly worried about, you always have the option to try something online, first. Just bear in mind that you must be self motivated to get the course material finished. Many courses allow you to finish at your own pace, but this could lead to procrastination, spending longer than you need to on certain aspects, and perhaps even not finishing at all. It will help you to know what kind of learner you are and what environment you best respond to in order to make the best decision for your future. It may be scary at first, but once you get over your fear and do it anyway, you’ll see there was nothing to be afraid of all along!

Conclusion: Should You Go Back Into Education As An Adult?

Going back into education as an adult can be super scary, but it might also be one of the most amazing things you decide to do in your adult life. You never know where it might take you – you’ll become more knowledgeable, creative, and employable, and you might make some friends/contacts that help you in both your personal and professional life for life. You could have a better job, or even your own business before you know it.

Of course, the route you take will be completely different to the route of somebody else. You need to make sure you select the course and material that resonates with you, as well as learn in an environment that will benefit you. Going back to a classroom isn’t for everybody, and neither is self directed study at home. It’s absolutely crucial to research all of your options while remaining self aware so you can decide on the best course of action.

Will you be going back into education as an adult? Let us know how you are feeling and what you will be doing in the comments below!

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